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Greatest rhythm sections
What about The Atlanta Rythm Section 😉 
Chinese phono pre
Using a Ortophon 2M blue cartridge. 
Chinese phono pre
Read mostly good things about the Yaqin 23b,but wonder if there is better for around the same cost? 
Chinese phono pre
Will see different types at around $500 or even less.Some less than $100 . 
George Michael, James Taylor and Bobby Womack 
Whitney Houston 
Speaker match
Using the ADS’s that seem to work well. 
Speaker match
Read about this little amp and the reviews where good.From the impression of some of the comments it's not that great but paid $75 and has worked well so I said what the heck! 
Speaker match
Have a pair of ADS L620's which are 92db but are 6ohm? 
Speaker match
Room is 10'x12' and sit roughly 5' away from the speakers.Speakers that are monitors such as Focal, Omega super 3i or an open baffle type speaker are what I've read could be a good match.Seeing if there maybe any other options. 
Speaker match
Will I guess Omega and Zu would be in the full range class,sorry for that! 
Speaker match
Any full range speakers that any could recommend? 
Best speakers for $300/pr
Have two pairs of vintage ADS speakers,L420 and L620.Nice speakers and less than $300 as is other ADS speaker models. 
CD players and integrated amos
Well have the tube CD player connected to the tube integrated amp and solid state cd to solid state amp and sounds great.Just read some had good results mixing it up. 
Morrow Audio re-design announcement: No more Ag coated Cu; Increased numbers of runs.
Has anyone actually listened to the newly designed cables!