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The Absolute Sound "review" of USB cable reads suspiciously like a press releaste
erik_squires Been reading TAS for some years. This one just seemed particularly egregious. 
Windows in a listening room
steakster  If people are reading this it work it can be hard to view a video. BUT WHY AREN'T THEY WORKING? 
Windows in a listening room
All of the VTS dots are constrained layer dampers.Thanks! 
Windows in a listening room
geoffkait The Marigo web site for the VTS Dots looks good to me. What’s yer beef? There is a wide range of sizes and applications for the dots - from glass windows to walls to speaker diaphragms to printed circuit boards to chassis to capacit... 
Windows in a listening room
geoffkait, I went and looked at Marigo’s tuning dots and must say:  the web site doesn’t do a great job of explaining their virtues.  
Anybody planning on attending T.H.E. Show in Long Beach next month?
I wrote to the organizers through the website and got a link for the special rate for the hotel: Be sure to change the date to the night(s) you plan to be there.... 
Best integrated up to $6000
A VTL Integrated is sounding good to me these days, driving a pair of Vandersteen Treo CT floor-standers. It replaced a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum which cost half as much ($2,500 vs $5000 
Jazz for aficionados
I'm a sucker for stride piano and so favor almost anything by Art Hodes and "Keepin' Out of Mischief Now" in particular. Vince Guaraldi on "A Flower is a Lovesome Thing" is a piece a go to again and again. (Guaraldi described himself as a "reforme... 
Speakers for a small room
I'm using Vandersteen Treo CTs in a 12.5' x 15' x 9' room and am very happy with the sound. They replaced KEF LS50s, which I also liked. The thing about stand-mounted monitors is that they take up almost as much space as floor-standers and look pr... 
Mystery of the whistling amplifier
Thanks to all who responded. The problem is "solved." I tried yet another set of J&J tubes in the pre-amp section and still had hissing and popping. So I decided to take the thing back to the dealer, and replaced all six NOS Telefunkens (two 1... 
full-scale orchestral music—best test of speakers’ potential?
I'd agree that symphonic music is the best test of a system's capabilities, but like so much else in this hobby it's very subjective. Yesterday I listened to VTL electronics playing a 45-rpm recording of the first movement of "The Sorcerer's Appre... 
What separate tube phono stage do you use ?
Rogue Audio Ares with Magnum upgrade, NOS tubes. Very happy with it. 
How do you move HEAVY speakers with sharp spikes without lifting?
I use a four 18"-long 2 x 2s to move my Vandersteen Treo CTs (≅ 65 lb each). I rock each speaker back enough to slide one 2 x 2 under the front, and forward enough to slide another under the back. You move them by (very carefully) pulling each pai... 
Fraud Alert: Audio Zoom Zoom, Netherlands
When you go their Web site a chat window pops up. That might be a good way to get a response or find out where or who they are. 
Cryongenically treated in-wall AC power wire
From Whitlock’s paper almarg cites above: What Does “Ground” Mean • Also known as “Earth” in the rest of the world • A FANTASY invented by engineers to simplify their work • The “uni-potential” fantasy assumes all ground symbols in schematics a...