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Vandersteen fans..need your input (TREO CT)
I have the Treo CTs fed by VTL's IT-85 integrated amp. My listening room is about 12' x 15' with no room treatment beyond a rug on the floor and curtains over the sliding-glass door. I sometimes feel I'm not hearing as much bass as I should. For i... 
Ugly vs Gogeous speakers
Vandersteen Treos (CT in my case) have a clean architectural look I like, but also lots of lovely matched cherry veneer. I know the finish doesn’t add to the sound quality but since I spend a fair amount of time sitting facing them, and it’s nicer... 
Low-voltage wiring
Well, I followed steakster’s advice, mostly, and bought some silver-plated copper 18AWG wire on eBay.... some connectors from Amazon...https:... 
Opinion - Every audiophile should build at least 1 pair of speakers
I bought this book at Radio Shack... 
Is Spiking Necesarry?
Hifiman5:My Treo CTs are on an old Oriental rug over a hardwood floor.Sorry I didn't see you inquiry until just now. 
Read about these on and bought a bunch. A black Sharpie will color in the blue.; 
Is Spiking Necesarry?
Moving my speakers (Vandersteen Treo CTs) on their built-in spikes is difficult-to-dangerous by myself. I cut four pieces of 2 x 2 a bit longer than the speakers are wide , then slipped one under the front and one under the back of each speaker, a... 
Low-voltage wiring
Thanks for the replies, randy-11 and williewonka. 
USB wall outlets a source of noise in AC lines?
A dedicated line just to my system would be great, but isn’t practical in this dwelling without tearing up a bunch of drywall. Fortunately the house was built in 2005 and has a 20-amp, 12 AWG dedicated circuit just for outlets in the listening roo... 
Power Cables and Power Conditioner
A dedicated line with MRI outlets across the board with good power cables into each component is one way to ensure there is little to no noise spread from one component to any other.What are "MRI outlets"? Does it make a difference to have them ... 
Power Cables and Power Conditioner
I have a Furman power conditioner as well (Elite 15i), and was able to convert it so it could use a detachable power cord. It wasn't simple, but I could provide details if anyone's interested. 
Bi-amping Vandersteen Treo CTs
Thanks to all who responded. Helpful and thoughtful info.