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For those familiar with Sonus Faber
I went a very similar route. Sonetto 8’s to Olympica Nova 3’s. I listened to the Amati Tradition but was worried a little about the size of my room at the time so I traded in the Olympica’s for the Serafino Tradtion. This was 2022. I bought the Se... 
15k for streamer and dac....how much on each?
Is there a reason you wouldn’t want a one box solution….? The DCS Bartok is an amazing DAC. I’ve compared it to Nagra - Audio Research - Chord - Aurender - Moon - They are popping up used on Audiogon. As they retain a fair amount of thier value, m... 
Overkill for small room
@letshearit  I also have a room about that same size with a pair of Sonus Faber floor standers. I’ve found moving them well into the room and about 8’ apart solves wall reflections and some nasty bass nodes. I guess you would call it near field li... 
Preamp - what's the purpose?
I removed my ARC Ref 6SE and put my DCS Rossini APEX straight into my amp…. The loss of dynamics and soundstage was dramatic. I promptly but that experiment to bed.  
Clean power and it's affect on sound quality
That was fun...  
Cream — Stormy Monday
It’s my GoTo track when auditioning new gear. Absolutely love the sound of the room….the sound of the drums, the bass and guitar….right from the opening riff….!  
Help with speaker selection
If you can extend your budget by about $8k, you can probably get a pair of Wilson Sasha DAW’s that are popping up on Audiogon….  
I’m looking for an sleek integrated amp under $15k
What about a Gryphon Diablo 300 with phono module. You’ll probably have enough left over for a decent DAC/Streamer.   
Help me spend $100,000 on a new system
Head to Miami for much needed warmth and stop into this place and hear what a room can sound like.    www.audiosalon.net  
Dealers with excellent listening rooms?
If you guys are ever in Miami, reach out to John at Audio Salon in Coral Gables. I have purchased stuff from him but I’ve sat in high end shops all over the world…. I don’t know why exactly, but his room just sounds pretty special.    He features... 
REF5SE tubes
I was able to acquire a full set of new matched tubes from ARC last week. (REF6SE) $1200 including shipping. I did have to wait a few months but my current set still have some good life in them. Good luck…!  
ARC amp differences.
ARC 160s and Serafino’s are a great match. I preferred that amp over they Gryphon Diablo 300. I also had an REF 75SE for a while which was my first taste. BTW - I’ve had nothing but stellar response from Audio Research for all services.   I’m n... 
DCS Rossini Apex with and without ARC REF 6SE.   Night and day. I was kinda shocked how much the sound was improved by the addition of the pre-amp. Since I have only one source, I was contemplating selling the RFE 6 as I’ve moved to the UK….but ... 
Are higher end preamps worth the investment when you are only streaming Tidal & Spotify ?
 Very good question…! I ran my DCS Rossini straight into my ARC 160s and then added my ARC REF 6SE.   Wow….! A massive improvement…! Not subtle. Big noticeable difference in detail, sound stage, openness…. Bass…!          
Class A integrated amp recommendations
What about the smaller Gryphon Diablo…? The 120 I think it is. Class A/B