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Help selecting integrated amp for ls50
What did you pick?  All great choices.   
Isolation Devices: Any Good Ones?
Isolate It: Sorbothane Vibration Isolation Circular Pad 50 Duro (.25" Thick 2.25" Dia.) - 8 Pack I have a bunch of these under my stuff and haven't looked for anything else since I got these.  They are slightly sticky which is particularly good... 
Wife trouble
You're not alone in this mca7944.  As my 10 year marriage has progressed my system has gotten smaller and more simple.  Don't mistake smaller for less good, however.  I think my system now is as good or better than it's ever been and it couldn't b... 
ProAc comparison
The most "magical" system I've ever heard was the Proac 1SC paired with some very high end Naim stuff.  I can't remember exactly what we listened to I just remember how amazed I was at what was coming out of those little things.  Second, my dad ow... 
Help selecting integrated amp for ls50
I also can recommend the IsoAcoustics for the ls50's. 
Help selecting integrated amp for ls50
I have ls50's too.  At first I used them them with a Rega Elicit but had to sell for financial reasons.  I now use them with a Wyred for sound Dac-2 and MK II amp.  I know it's not an integrated amp but wanted to throw in my experience with this c...