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SUT Advice - Which Ones Are The Best?
Email Dave at Intact Audio, tell him about your preamp, cart, etc and he will wind SUT(s) to suit your needs. Not cheap (especially if you request silver wire) but custom wound to your cart/preBest,-JP 
Budget Phono preAmp
Channel Island PEQ-1 is a killer little phono pre that will serve you now and as your system changes. You can add the optional power supply down the road which improves upon an already good preBest,-JP 
Devore 0/96 - Integrated AMP help
May want to look at the Esoteric F-03A30/60 wpc, dual mono, over the top build quality... 
amplifier with volume control
Airtight or nice little integrated with a quality volume attenuator or best bet for your set-up (as mentioned prior) a DAC with quality volume control 
Phono Stage That's not Schiit
Channel Islands PEQ-1 is exceptional in that price range, a couple hundred more gets you the optional power supply...•1-mkii-mmmc-phono-preamplifierBest,-JP 
Phono Stage, How much do I need to spend, New or used.
Might want to take a look at the Channel Island PEQ you could get in under budget including the optional outboard power supply. Best,-JP 
Searching for an amp to pair with Rockport Atria II
Pass 260.8 monos, smaller in stature than the 250/350Best,-JP 
6000 dollars CD player
May want to take a look at Jays Audio CDT2-MkII. A friend runs one, sounds very nice in his system Best,-JP 
Back to vinyl need phono stage help!
While I currently run a PS Audio Stellar, if I wanted tubes in my phono stage, I might audition the Modwright ph9Best,-JP 
The problem with Magicos
If only Alon Wolff had been aware of ported speaker design...Maybe someone should alert him!BTW my Magicos sound Killer!Best, -JP 
Integrated Tube Amp Demo
+1 @fuzztone you need to build relationships with dealersI was looking for a tube integrated for my office; my dealer carries Jadis and Triode Corp (Japan) among others. I borrowed his demos (Orchestra Black/TRV88) I preferred the Triode by a fair... 
Used phono preamp options - feedback requested
+1 for the PS Audio Stellar Phono (Darren Myers Creation)Trade in your current phono stage and it comes in under your limit, new!I run the stellar, it’s fantastic, no tubes thoughJust named Stereophile analog product of the year!Best,-JP 
Looking for more detail in a speaker
Is it possible that the Diablo just smokes the Mac combo when it comes to resolution and detail? Or the “warmth” of the Mac gear paired with the Golden Ear’s is too much of a good thing?Not to throw controversy out there, but speaker cables, inter... 
If you could, what live performances would you enjoy re-living?
Santana - 1984 -Palace Theater, Albany NYFreshmen Year of Collage, first “real” road trip, AMAZING performance and I met my future wife while pre-gaming in the parking lot before the showi would re-live it everyday if it were possible!best,-JP 
Speakers suggestion help
Vandersteen Treo CT may be worth a demo, nice top end from the carbon tweeters...Or, if you like the beryllium tweeters on the Focals might look at the Magico A3 but they usually pair better with higher current amps,PL monos might do the trick. Th...