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Using Qobuz with Bluesound 2i
@rhljazz -Thanks!  I re-signed in and now it works fine and Inow have access to my playlists. I initially signed in to Qobuz when I added it to Bluesound but something must not have gone right the first time.   Thanks for the quick fix.    
This is good Schiit...
Al a point of reference, I have a Bluesound Node 2i that i use with an external Schiit Modi Multibit and noticed an improvement in sound quality.  My system is Don Sachs preamp with a upgraded Bob Latino ST 120 tube amp to Spatial M3 Triode Master... 
Why no high end battery powered wireless speaker systems?
@ebm- ouch! You might be right. 
Why no high end battery powered wireless speaker systems?
@millercarbon-oh wise one. If the speaker draws 100 watts, a 56volt 10ah rechargeable battery should run the speaker for: 100/56=1.786 amps per hour.   So a  10ah battery divided by 1.786= 5.59 hours of max run time. of course I could solve the pr... 
Why no high end battery powered wireless speaker systems?
Thanks @nonoise for the link. That is the essence of what i am looking for but in a consumer friendly package.  It would be great to eliminate all the cables and expense if possible.  @erik_squires , I was thinking along the lines of having an int... 
Dual SVS PB-1000 Pro versus Dual Rythmik LV12F- does Servo Technology Matter.
Look at reviews of new sis 3000 micro. It’s only $800 and has smartphone software to make proper integration much easier.  
The best room upgrade: $2250
@tweak1 now all you need is to add impact windows and you will get an insurance reduction along with further noise reduction. You won’t even hear the hurricane outside, 
Before I order the Magnepan 1.7s...
You should consider the Spatial line of speakers. They look very modern and fit in to the aesthetics of most room furnishings.  Don't require massive power and sound great. Also, I think they still have an in-home trial period and a 5yr warranty. 
How many of you are digital only systems?
I have decided to upgrade my digital end going forward and not invest any more resources into vinyl.  I love vinyl and the ritual of listening to it but realize that over the past few years my listening habits are skewed to 95% digital streaming. ... 
buget used amp ?
I've been using a NAD 2100 with my Adcom GP555 ii preamp to power my Theil CS1 speakers for over 30 years with no problems.  I think you can find one for around $200. The more power the better though. 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Since @1111art seems to have an appreciation of 70's prog, I will suggest: Nektar- A Tab In The OceanNot sure if that is obscure or not these days.  If you reside in a state where pot is legal, it will help. 
Tube virgin looking for tube amp under $3k
@larshepping, I sympathize with you. I just went down the same rabbit hole with my system.  I have Spatial M3 triode masters apx 95 db efficiency as well (16ohm). I was considering Don Sachs new Kootenay integrated tube amp but he is backlogged fo... 
Spatial M3 Triode Master Preamp/amp choices
Thanks @supabayes.  That is very helpful. Good to know that the F7, XA25, and the LM219IA may not pair as well as i hoped and that the Kinki, though good is cold.  
Spatial M3 Triode Master Preamp/amp choices
Thanks @atmasphere your article will be my Christmas weekend relaxation reading.Thanks @kettle7830 for the additional choices to consider. Thanks @doneaton for your experience powering the Spatials.   
Spatial M3 Triode Master Preamp/amp choices
Thanks @aldoallen and @jjss49 for the owner experience advice.  The guy i got my M3s from was using an LTA Zotl 10 which he highly recommended and did sound fantastic. Unfortunately, I do not have the budget for it or @atmasphere s equipment.  I'l...