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Spatial M3 Triode Master Preamp/amp choices
Thanks @atmasphere , @jackd and @jjss49 for steering me strait.  I can definitely tell that my old NAD 2100 is not up to the task of adequately driving the Spatials it works great until i start increasing the volume over 90 db and just doesnt seem... 
Warm romantic & detailed
How about Spatial M3 Sapphires open baffle as an alternate speaker to consider? Check out New Record Day review to get an idea of whether these may be what you are looking for. 60 day return policy if you decide they do not work for you. Plus 92 d... 
Are there any bookshelf speakers that sound good on a bookshelf?
I recently auditioned a pair of Audionote speakers purposely placed on bookcase shelves to demonstrate how well they worked and I must say they sounded fantastic. The room was aprx 16x25x8.  
1st Album you Ever Owned?
It was Jimi Hendrix "Are You Experienced".  I was 9 years old then and listened to it on a console stereo my parents had.  I think my parents were very worried for my well being after they heard it at the time.  
Need advice on upgrade path
Soix thanks for the tip. will check them out. I have heard that the Belles Aria integrated is a great match for my system but i still think i want to try seperates instead. Any opinion on Conrad Johnson PV 10a with phono  vs  the Linear Tube vs Au... 
Need advice on upgrade path
Yes the cat survived.  The tech said "there was liquid in the bottom, do you have a cat?",they had not seen such a thoroughly burned and melted amp in many years.  I will add Rogue and Modwright to the list.  Has anyone had a chance to compare any... 
Need advice on upgrade path
I will focus on preamp first.The Plinius (it was a Galbo modded)added some clarity and bass power over the previous Adcom GFP 555 and NAD 2100 amp .  I would like to improve on that if possible with the new equipment. I have never had tubes in my ... 
Very small room! Help me with monitor speakers
You may want to consider Lii Audio Reference speakers sold by Decware.  100db efficiency 10" single driver speakers. I have not heard these but have read good things about these full range drivers. 
Artist you now like that you discovered through your streaming service
Spotify Discover is my weapon of choice.  Too many to count, but here are some...FoxwarrenCate Le Bon- RewardBig Thief- UFOFMathew Halsall-Into Forever 2Moderator-Sinners SyndromeDjrum-Portrait With FirewoodAgnes Obel-Late Night Tales and Citizens... 
The best music in 2019
Foxwarren-FoxwarrenBig Thief- U.F.O.F.Cate Le Bon-RewardKikagayu Moyo-Masana Temples (2018)Djrum-Portrait With FirewoodAgnes Obel-Late Night Tales 
What is $5,000 worth today, and is it better than 1,600 in the 80's?
ok erik i will give it a try-but i am going over budget a little bit.1980 Accuphase E202 integrated amp 100 wpc = $600 ?Thiel CS1 speakers = $1000Technics SL 1700 Mk2 = $350Total $1950.002019Belles Aria integrated amp 75wpc = $2300Spatial M5 Sapph... 
Developing critical listening skills
The Harmon How to Listen is a useful site for learning how to . Also is great for testing a myriad of things on your equipment and your hearing capabilities and limits.   
Amazon Launches Lossless "Hi-rez" HD Music Service
Thank you usery for your link to the link.  Now i know for sure that the higher res files (beyond cd quality) don't matter to me and that I couldn't really tell a difference between Spotify at... 
Recommendations for a new integrated amp for Vandersteen 3a speakers
Thanks for all the responses.  I am going to try a Plinius 8200 integrated amp that has been recently modded by Galbo Design.  Will let everyone know how it worked out once it arrives. 
A moderate priced dac
You may want to look at the website.  They have a lot of reviews and an ongoing performance chart of all the dacs that they have reviewed.  The law of diminishing returns seems to quickly set in.  https://www.audiosciencere...