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Best first track
Hells Bells prob the all time classic same as Queen live magic etc. Mozart Symphony 40 always does it for me as well- soon as that needle drops  
Best first track
Selling England by the Pound Oh Yes!- putting it on now had totally forgotten what a cool album   I'm just a lawnmower, you can tell me by the way I walk  
Why do hipsters prefer analog?
It's sad when they rip the gears and drop bars off a perfecly good bike and singlespeed it  
Best first track
minkwelder I get where you're coming from with Baba O'Riley- it's like comfort food  
Cd transport
The CXC will break down  
Sony SACD Player SCD-XA5400ES; YAY or NAY?
Keep going back to my Sony fb940r amp- OK not high end but still surprises me with sound and build quality- fed up of supposedly better modern stuff (especially Denon and Pioneer) letting me down  
Most Realistic Recordings
I sometimes plug my electronic keyboard line out into the stereo and it sounds a whole lot more realistic than any recording  
2nd systems- who’s got one?
8 (mid--fi upwards, all vintage) systems at last count.....  
Speakers for string Quartets
Listen to some sax quartet music as well  
Speakers for string Quartets
got to be esl57  
God doesn't need to know what time it is.
Probably loses about a minute a month if that- can't remember the last time I had to adjust it- always run my watch/ clock 2-3 minutes fast anyway so I'm never late..... Have about 20 saxes and over 40 pushbikes but one watch  
God doesn't need to know what time it is.
Have worn my dad's Oyster pretty much every day for twenty years- only had to have the strap repaired once and serviced occasionally- keeps spot on time and still looks new despite daily abuse. Don't own a mobile phone Always been disappointed wi... 
What is it I'm failing to grasp?
Recording in a studio is anything but natural from a permormer's point of view in an isolation booth with headphones on  
$1000 (used ok) Streamer Dac recommendation please
Very happy with Cambridge Audio CXN (CD transport disappointing though) and Project S2 with USB from computer is surprisingly good  
Decisive moments your your audio journey
1st CD (prob BIA unsurprisingly) with no rumble or crackles Friend's dad's Stax in the late 80's LP12 with wither Linn or Naim (can't remember which or the speakers- poss Acoustic Energy) in Cam Audio Hearing the Basie band livethat band certai...