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Car streaming blues, ain’t marketing great
SUVs are the work of the devil  
How does solo piano help you evaluate audio gear?
I find a great test is plugging in my own keyboards (Technics P30 stage piano and Roland fp5) and it instantly exposes any weaknesses. Have a beautiful refurbed Brinsmead (great British make) upright fettled by an excellent tuner until funds stret... 
Suggestions: Interesting small speakers with flexible placement
PMC wafers??    
Budget integrated amp needed
Sony TA FB940R- old and cheap but rock solid and surprisingly good sound  
Goodfellas-They Call Him "Tony Two Times"
New York New York Yada yada Nicely Nicely One more once (apologies to FS and CB)   
Don’t want to freak you out…
Weren't some chair backs designed with sound enhancement/ isolation in mind?  
China built tube amps
If everyone avoided/ deeply considered using Amazon the world would be a better place  
Kef LS50s - great like me but need to come up for air
My LS50 Metas were very sensitive to placement and were useless in the middle of the room compared to vintage Concords and Celestes (bad placement I know I know). They’re banished to the garage where ironically they sound fab and live next to ESL5... 
How do you get Happy as an Audiophile?
I give a rating of 1 to 10 on most things generally aiming for an 8 (happiness, sound quality, taste of food/ drink) Am massively happy to sell off house and have no mortgage, no more bills etc. Gone back to the simple pleasure of Arcam Alpha CD... 
Bully pulpits
Reading the daily recap over breakfast is one of my daily pleasures; love you crazy Americans  
Days of Our Lives
Saturday night is the lonelist night of the week Blue Monday Friday night fish fry On days Like These Day by Day some day my prince will come If I had a hammer...  
Replacement for current speakers suggestions
KEF ls50 metas were the biggest disappointment I've ever had - got sucked in by the reviews and trust the brand; I have a wonderful pair of (late 60's?) KEF Concord (I think but the fronts are different) a pair of Celeste mkIIs (still an adequate ... 
why do so many discussions turn contentious?
I still love this forum 
older CD transport vs newer ones.
I still use a TechnicsSL-PS840 into a Cyrus Dacmaster (sometimes still use the discmaster transport as well but I think it's living on borrowed time) - the build quality certainly feels good, better than my CXC which although good has been a disap... 
Who is ditching their shiny disc spinners?
My CD collection is a lifetime's work- a lot bought at concerts and workshops- having to scroll through a screen is an anathema to me- the whole world is full of zombies with earbuds staring at a little glass tablet or spending their day in front ...