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Can a DAC sort out a flat\cold amp?
Not a DAC that is functioning normally.  
Are Tube Buffers for real or even worth it ?
If you have stereophile class A equipment and are getting a characteristic sound, as you say solid state, rather than add on equipment, check your cables.  Else you will have another component and another cable to add to the problem and your resul... 
How accurate are cable descriptions for your system?
I hear your complaint.  The reason responses are all over the place is because a given cable will sound different with any input or output circuit.  I am sure your question arose from experience of that happening.  
You know you have audiophile system when...
You're at a concert. You turn to your wife and say "This sounds as good as it does at home!"  
Speaker Questions
Good suggestion, the Magnepans actually In that price line, what ever you get, take it apart and line the inside.  Make it inert.  Then restuff it with long hair lamb's wool.  Nothing else.  You will impress yourself.   
The Music at AXPONA 2022
You should have hung around the Sonus Farber room.  
Looking for a new (preowned OK) line stage under $5K: suggestions?
"as a touch more midrange bloom" Any tube unit will do.  I did that once.  If you want the tone of one equipment to make up for another, give it 15 years and you will end up replacing everything seeking ultimate sound.  Aim for neutrality as some... 
Is a separate phono pre really necessary?
Well I ask, do you like  integrated amps or separate?  One power amp, biamp or triamp.  One driver or three. You get the idea  
Can a Amp be "timeless" and compete with todays amps?
Transient response never goes out of style  
Audiophile Grade Wall Receptacle
None of those high end models are any better.  I tried everything.  Your only goal is a high clamping force.  Get some Hubbell hospital grade outlets for $16.  Nothing sounds better, and they may be worse.  Tellurium alloys are junk.  Get a conduc... 
Horn speakers for vintage sound
You will get vintage sound from horn speakers all right.  Useful for bass, correct exponentially derived horns are hard to get neutral.  The purpose as you know is to minimize diaphragm excursion so it stays in the linear range. On the flop side t... 
“House” Character of Popular $20-$30k Speakers
That is called chasing your tail - one component making up for another.  I hope you don't spend a lot of money, just to spend it all over again.  
A CD PLAYER whose sound quality NOT AFFECTED by the DAC?
My studies show if you have a bit perfect player you will be hard pressed to screw it up with a DA converter.  The audio section however is what matters, as well as the filtering curves.  So, again the analog sections supersede the digital as long... 
tone arm with 10gr mass with 15 gram weight cartridge?
Addendum: If you are really interested in performance, you will find that armtube and shell stiffness (young's modulus) greatly outweighs everything else.  Look up your armtube materials.  You might  then want to make your own armtube.  It depends... 
tone arm with 10gr mass with 15 gram weight cartridge?
Cartridge weight is included with arm mass in compliance calculations