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Least Expensive Power Conditioner/Surge Protector That Won't Worsen Sound
analogj 04-07-2022 at 12:47pm wrote Okay, I can potentially understand the benefits of greater noise reduction, but are there other factors which contribute to how well a PLC will affect the sound?   INDUCTANCE.  
Class-A Amplification and 15 Amp Outlet
You only need to be concerned about maximum amperage with transient power levels.  Meanwhile put that digital stuff on a separate filter  
Does Furutech lose effectiveness over time?
It might be your record cleaning solution.  If you apply a topical anti-static solution I would look there first. I have no static problem at all after discontinuing some solutions. Records attract no dust and require no cleaning  
Power Conditioning on the Cheap
After getting the cheapest PS audio power regenerator the experience was jaw dropping in 3 seconds. So I have to disagree with Stuart k.  It depends on the resolution of your equipment. Serpently filter all your digital and a computer equipment. I... 
Room Acoustics: Where to place the squares?
Um, I'll bite. Let's say you have 5, 2'x2' squares.  You must have been in a hurry and not included that.  That is inadequate to treat a room.  Even 10 of them.  So, put one behind your head, one on each side of your speakers, that's 5.  Stack the... 
Isolation Feet for Laptop
Logically you have a valid point.  To stay consistent you must ask if the vibration isolators are NOT necessarily beneficial to the rest of the system.  In fact, do you notice it?  They may not be, and I am not intimidated by those who claim they ... 
Burn in period
No. Plain physics/electronics The signal is AC, so if there  was a dielectric change, it would be immediately degaussed.  The exception is if you have some DC offset.  If you do, you need to repair your equipment.  Different matter.  There are ca... 
Tiny Room (6' x 9') speaker advice
Well in a room that size you think you would get no bass.  Right, you don't.  You can put a sub in there and turn it up but it's not quite the same.  So why not consider installing the speakers in the floor or a wall and effectively make the small... 
Emm Labs DV2 versus Tambaqui
If you can get a Chinese DAC that works or meets specs.   
Tube Amp settings: Triode vs UL; 8 ohm vs. 4 ohm ?
8 ohm and use 8 ohm cables.  Class A.  
How much “suspension of disbelief do you need?”
"The question is how much do you have to delude yourself into thinking it’s the real thing your listening to, to satisfy yourself" Answer: None. It is either there or it’s not. If it sounds like a good system, it’s not. I’ve been at concerts tha... 
RCA interconnect recommendation
What is your input impedance?  Match that.  Cost and materials has little bearing.  Be smart.   
Best Phono You've Heard Under $2200
Black Cube $600.  Completely hacked.  Balanced inputs, Iron shielding, daughter board op amps.  Powered from my Jeff Rowland preamp, preceeded by PS audio regenerator.   S/N with cartridge -100 dB.  Flat to 100 kHz+.   
Help, which preamp to buy from my shortlist?
1. Evaluate how well you can hear.  %IMD, %THD etc.  No sense in getting equipment excessively better than that. 2. You will go further powering your pre with a power regenerator. Not a filter.  A $1500 regeterator is like a $10 preamp upgrade.  ... 
How do you enhance a bad listening room's accoustics without breaking the bank? thoughts?
Want a good room?  Most Tx  look gross and do little.  They are expensive. Also, tx stuck on the wall don't do much.  They have to be suspended from the wall.  Oh, no body told you that, huh.  First, use your brain.  How many reflections do youi ...