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Surround Processor better than a Proceed AVP?
First, you will not find a pre/pro that natively decodes DD TrueHD via anything BUT HDMI, so your $500-900 is out of the question without using analog inputs (5.1 or 7.1) and besting the older Proceed gear for audio is tough.Proceed was made to 'e... 
speakers to mate with wadia powerdac151
I have one for my computer desk now, it is definitely low powered so use efficient speakers for best results, over 90 dB is a general guideline as it strained to power 87 fB speakers for me even in nearfiled listening. 
Grammys for 2010, so far...
I'll second Scratch My Back by Peter Gabriel, that album is awesome! 
YG Acoustics or Dynaudio
I've heard the YG at a couple shows and have never been impressed by them, Dynaudio's are much more to my liking. 
Best Preamp processor
Jbl3,I have owned just about every high end pre/pro currently made and can say clearly and unequivocally the best sounding pre/pro is the Krell Evo 707. Both for multichannel as well as two channel, this thing is an absolute beast, its huge and ha... 
Current processors with HDMI
if you want 3D then the new Integra might be the only choice in your price range, or any for that matter, most current pre/pro's are HDMI 1.3a only and many will not pass 3D, some may but it's a crap shoot.... 
Neophyte question about DAC's...
If it is taken from a digital feed then yes, it could. 
Audience au24e vs Transparent Ultra
I totally disagree with Nickt.I had Au 24e's and went to Transparent Ref, and then Ref XL w/MM2 tech and they were way smoother and cleaner to me in my system. So much so I sold my Au cables/ speaker wires and not only kept but later upgraded in t... 
Anyone ever heard Escalante Fremont mk. 2 ?
That sounds like what he told me. I was supposed to have this done to mine several months ago but plans changed, if you get it done let me know how it changed them and I will do the same. 
Anyone ever heard Escalante Fremont mk. 2 ?
I haven't heard from Matt Waldron in a while but I understand that they did slightly mod the crossover and added extra insulation inside. No Mk II version I am aware of exists. 
iPad as a music server?
The iPad won't fit on the Wadia 170 iTransport! 
What is the best Sasha or Maxx3 ?
If your speakers are placed along the long wall, the Maxx 3's might not work. They are ~2 feet deep and should be a few feet off the rear wall (say 5' now) and your chair may sit a couple off the wall (1-2) this would put your listening distance ~... 
Definitive Technology Mythos STS floorstanders
I suspect you will find what you expect when replacing the Bryston amp, they can be a little hot in the upper end, while Arcam is more relaxed and musical.Good Luck! 
Definitive Technology Mythos STS floorstanders
I have run the ST's on ML433 amp and the STS's on a Marantz SR6004 and they both sounded very good, yes they sounded better on my Mark Levinson amp, but they were still very enjoyable on the Marantz receiver. 
Need USB cable recommendation
Transparent Performance USB, sound way better than basic computer cords and are reasonable (~$90 for 2M)