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Krell or Mark Levinson with Revel Ultima2's???
Also replaced the Esoteric DV-50s with TOTL EMM Labs separates. 
Krell or Mark Levinson with Revel Ultima2's???
Bruce328i,I never went with the Salon 2's, now running Wilson Sasha W/P's and the Center 2 with a Krell Evo 403 and thinking about going to the 600e mono's. Also added the Classe' SSP-800 and ARC 40th Anniversary preamp (still burning in now!) pre... 
TV only recommendation
At 19' viewing distance you need size more than anything, Sharps 70' LCD is a nice TV and can be had for $2500. FWIW the minimum recommended size for a 12' viewing distance is 70" so for 19' it would be closer to 100"Go big! 
Power: surge protector, conditioner, ups
I use the Pure Power and love it 
Best "pseudo" multi channel from 2 ch sources
The only one I like is Trifield on the Meridian processors. 
Classe's New CP-800 Pre-amp/DAC. Impressions?
I heard it @ CES, it sounded really good for it's ~$5K price and the flexibility is insane. 
meridian 561
You can add the HD621 switcher and it will work with the new codecs of Blu-ray as well..... 
Best computer program for Apple IMAC
Channel D Pure Music hands down winner. 
how many are you tripping over?
I have two HT's in my home, one is a fairly typical receiver based system with a half dozen sources. The other is an all out assault on HT/two channel and has a dedicated two channel preamp w/HT bypass in it as well as three (currently) Blu-ray pl... 
is the esoteric dv50 still a good cd player?
I used one for years and it is a very good player especially for the price they go for now, does everything but Blu-ray and has excellent bass control and definition.I moved up to EMMLabs and got much smoother mids and highs with the same or bette... 
Power regenerator/battery backup
Hands down the best one I've found is the PurePower APS.Check out their site and you will begin to see why, put one in your system and you will know why they have such a devout following. 
Marantz SR7005 OR Pioneer ELite SC-35
I have the SR7005 and ST8002, so I too am biased towards Marantz given these two options, but both are strong units. 
How can anyone afford this ?
You just start out one day and keep upgrading and the next thing you know you have a ton of money invested in it. I think very few people just start out with $100K systems, though I know some do.Most of us just keep feeding the hole so to speak an... 
Quality In Wall Speakers
I was going to say Wisodm as well, they do things you won't believe from in walls! 
Oh how I wish Class D amps ...
Heard the Dvialet @ CES, it's a hybrid Class A and CLass D amp, very cool and adaptable system and sounded really good, wickedly cool form factor as well!