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Unscrupulous ebay buyers
eBay has deteriorated greatly since it was founded. There is zero seller protection. I don’t care what they say. They do not back it up. I don’t and won’t sell on eBay for that reason and others. I also rarely buy on eBay and certainly never buy a... 
PS Audio Direct Stream MK2 DAC
My contact at PS Audio tells me that an oscilloscope can pickup a little hum from the transformer. But there is no audible hum. I have a DSDMk2 on order. Trading in my DSDMk1.   
Buying Pet Peeve - Pictures
@lou_setriodes I agree with you that good photos are important. I am a frequent buyer and seller on usaudiomart under a different username, and here on Audiogon. But sometimes when I post sale ads I am just busy, but I want to get the ad up. I wil... 
Birthday DAC
Border Patrol. It has a tube. Not sure about the D/A methodology.   
Warning for Revel lovers
Does anyone know of a brand whose products and customer support improved after the company was purchased by a larger company?  
Qobuz hell
With Roon I prefer Qobuz over Tidal.   
Magico vs the world
For what it’s worth, and for the money (at the introductory preorder price, pre/price increase, when they were first released) I don’t think another box speaker can beat my Magico A3s. I like a neutral detailed and uncolored presentation. But beca... 
Favourite Guitarists
My list of rock and jazz guitar greats: ROCK: Jimi Hendrix Jorma Kaukonen Eric Clapton Jimmy Page Dickie Betts Jerry Garcia Rory Gallagher Stevie Ray Vaughn Eddie Van Halen Slash David Gilmour Steve Howe Frank Zappa Brian May JAZZ:... 
End Game Turntable suggestions
This is tangential to what the OP has posted. But because I am primarily a streamer, I decided to sell my VPI unipivot Prime Signature with Ortofon 2M Black, ADS, big custom dust cover, and Wayne’s Audio outer ring. I wanted to reduce my box count... 
Where did you buy your first audio gear?
Tech HiFi in Springfield, NJ.   
I will add my input to all of those who preceded me. I am an avid user of Roon and yes, I compared Qobuz to Tidal and it became obvious in short order that I preferred Qobuz. My Tidal subscription was never renewed. Now the interesting test that I... 
HoloAudio STREAMER is out now
@doni I am not fully knowledgeable regarding all the technicalities and differences. Someone else here may be better at explaining them. But I will give it a shot.  Toslink is a unque optical protocol invented by Toshiba.  Toslink cables are usual... 
HoloAudio STREAMER is out now
This looks interesting because it supports NAA and therefore HQ Player. Not many streamers have that support. It also has Ethernet or USB to I2S conversion and output to a DAC with I2S inputs. It looks well built and all for about $800. Sounds ent... 
Denafrips 12 anniversary
LessLoss is located in Lithuania. That may in part explain their greater presence in the European market.   
Denafrips 12 anniversary
I have had a Terminator Plus since before the price increase and well before the 12th anniversary. For the money, and on an absolute basis, it is a great DAC. That is especially my opinion, if you are into detail. This DAC and my Denafrips Gaia DD...