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Vac 200 IQ vs Ayon orthosII
orthomead, what speaker tab and output tubes used in the demo?  Try 1-2 or 2-4 ohm tabs?  Also roll KT150 if possible.I suggest including ARC REF250SE to your list of amps.  There are many Agon members driving their Vandersteen's with ARC ... an e... 
Vandersteen help needed
@audiotroy +1 
High Fidelity Cables CT-1designed by Rick Schultz
68pete, I was going through the Weizhi for ARC.  Only one mono powered up so tried directly on Hegel and it wouldn't power up at all. Hegel H30 is a beast with 15 amp fuse. 
High Fidelity Cables CT-1designed by Rick Schultz
68pete, I have tried MC 05 in the Weizhi but prefer upstream in the wall outlets.  I have 2 20 dedicated lines, one for amps and other for sources. Use 1 Weizhi for amps and rotate 2nd Weizhi or MC 6 for sources.  Each line has 1 duplex, 1 outlet ... 
Big Krells Have Vanished From The Used Market
I was the biggest Krell fan and had 3 Krell amps purchased new, KSA100s, FPB 300 and FPB 600.  They were great in the era but can't compete with current offerings.   To tame the harsh and brightness, I always pair them with a tube preamp and MIT c... 
High Fidelity Cables CT-1designed by Rick Schultz
68pete, On cost, paid retail for all the parts + labor depending on the difficulty.  With MC-6, IEC hole had to be enlarged (NCF IEC is larger than most stock), tabs removed on NCF outlets and replaced everything inside except for the magnets so a... 
ARC Ref 75 vs. Ref 75 SE
MQA is a digital thing, isn't it? I guess it's obvious dweller is not an EE? 
Cerious Technologies NEW Graphene Cables
@rgrost I suggest building one of each cable for demo.  They can place an order if like it.  This way you're not stuck with new cables damaged from demos. 
High Fidelity Cables CT-1designed by Rick Schultz
@lak  Zenwave Audio Great guy!@68pete I'm aware all the literature but would be very interesting comparing my modded MC 6 with MC 6 Hemisphere.  With only 3 hours Wed night, it's pretty good.  Little tight, not as dynamic, fast, powerful bass, sma... 
High Fidelity Cables CT-1designed by Rick Schultz
Just got my MC-6 back from replacing IEC and 3 outlets with Furutech NCF. Installed a ground post (to tie 2 dedicated lines ground together), upgraded the wires that didn't go through the magnet with UPOCC copper for hot and mil-spec for neutral,... 
Need FLEXIBLE Power Cord .
@kinghifi- Never had a Mother II. Of course, cables are one of those things that are highly component dependent, when it comes to compatibility. It’s also said that they(PCs in general) can take much longer than other cables, to, "burn in" and s... 
Need FLEXIBLE Power Cord .
Funny how we all hear differently.   I had Zu Varial ICs and Ibis SC/jumpers and like them very much.   Then I tried a Mother II PC and it was horrible.  One of the worst PC ever experienced. It's was dry and constricting even on a DAC. Sound got ... 
Need FLEXIBLE Power Cord .
HiDiamond P3You can't go wrong with P3 especially for the price.  One of my favorite value PC. 
Need FLEXIBLE Power Cord .
@schubert how many do you need? 
How do tube manufacturers like VAC get 55 watts per KT88 where others get only 30-35?
@normie57, I heard Kevin announced a VAC Ren 5 SE upgrade.  If anything like my SigMKIIa SE upgrade, Jump at it now!!!  Call Kevin ASAP!!! ... (Sorry, ebm took my keyboard).   Improvements are staggering in all areas.I highly recommend the VAC Sig...