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Which  component should get the best power cable? I
Which component should get the best power cable? Logical component is wall to power distributor/conditioner but it depends if PC is high current or low current.From my experience, high current is up stream (wall to distributor or amp) and low c... 
Why does the aurender N100h sound so bright and edgy
FYI, you can also run MinimServer in a NAS drive where music lives so don't need PC to play music.   This is how Lumin works.Installing MinimServer on a QNAP NASInstalling MinimServer on a Synology NAS 
Why does the aurender N100h sound so bright and edgy
@pavpet  my brother is using bridge II with his Direct Stream.  Excellent SQ and bridge II is very stable.   He serves from JRiver in a mini.Both of us had PerfectWave DAC MKII with bridge I.  Very good SQ but bridge I was very unstable.   It hang... 
Why does the aurender N100h sound so bright and edgy
pavpet, I suggest get PS Audio Bridge II and return the Aurender.  
What speaker cable made a major difference in the sound quality of your speakers??
ASI Liveline, bought new from dealer and 2 pairs for TRUE bi-wiring. It's replaced Synergistic Apex ~7+ years ago. Also using a full loom of ASI Liveline ICs.  It works equally well with both SS and tube components. 
High Fidelity Cables CT-1designed by Rick Schultz
68pete, in my last 4 MC-05s after 100 hours of break-in, didn't exhibited any 2nd or 3rd day darkness or hardness.   Look forward to the report if you're reached law of diminishing returns :-) 
My Audio Research experience
It’s no longer unusual for a high-end company to be sold. As fmalitz has pointed out, many big names have been sold multiple times. tomcy6, You are making clearthink point. Life time warranty is only as good as company in business.My brother got c... 
Where to buy amr fuses?
@safebelayer contact Jim Uban at Westford Audio.  Jim is an AMR dealer so can't probably get them for you. 
My Audio Research experience
clearthink +1I can't imagine a company owner promoting his products in an open forum by trashing another company.  Wow!   Who's next?Current Carver products are very good.  My brother bought a 'Black Magic' VTA 20S Tube Amplifier for his Avantgard... 
Amps/Preamps for Rockport Aviors
@gasherbaum  The last I heard philb7777 is very happy with ARC. He plans to upgrade his ref250 to SE when time to re-tube. Phil is nice guy so shoot him a PM.I never heard VTL and ARC in the same system but both always sound good to me. ARC roll... 
My Audio Research experience
I know after I reread it again.   
My Audio Research experience
@jea48  Thanks for all the posts guys but some information to clear up some misconceptions. Firstly the amp failed with the original tubes. I could not see a resistor blown when I opened the amp to see what had happened. I replaced the fuse in... 
My Audio Research experience
I bought the amp second hand from a guy in the US when the Aussie Dollar was higher.thazeldean, I guess you meant preamp? 
My Audio Research experience
This is slowly making sense. Tube arc and took out 2 to 3 $5 resistors. Technician opened the amp, found corrosion from spilled fluid and also wants to replace the board. It's an USED amp but OP never considered the possibility past ownerS spil... 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
mattnshiip, contact Tweek Geek.Aqua FormulaAqua Formula is Mike Lavigne's reference so gotta be good.  Right?  :-)