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Why have one if you can have two?
Actually, the same price since I got it from Japan. But what I said was out of the box it sounds similar to the fully broken unit and it’s on a pair of speakers that probably won’t benefit from that amp. However, I do believe my Thiels will exploi... 
Integrated for Cornwall IV
I tried tube amps with my fortes, however, I found they didn’t really start coming alive/musical until I had very clean strong SS gear attached to it. Tube gear just didn’t give the base control. It also comes down to which SS amp do you use? Kli... 
Integrated for Cornwall IV
Coincidentally, I just put a post about how my Forte IVs sound amazing with my Luxman 505Uxii and 507Z however, the 590axII (I think that’s the right model number) is class A and I bet it would be amazing with your Klipsch. The tone controls are a... 
Thiel Owners
Hey team. Been a while. I really don’t have the time or tenacity to find the info in this epic thread!  But can someone post a link that most directly answers the question about upgrading the CS2.4 crossover and what parts are involved and if a ho... 
Luxman 505uxii Class A/B operation
I’m. It sure I’m understanding.  I’ve seen on other websites is a Class A/B  
Klipsch Cornwall IV and Luxman Integrated
I know this post is old but for posterities sake I’ll leave a comment: I have the Luxman 505uxii (class A/B) on my Forte IV’s. Sounds amazing. Super clean and controlled. The sound is large and lifelike. I’ve tried low power tube amps from Decwar... 
Finally got a Luxman
Yes. The kit is made by Klipsch. The only thing that is different is they changed the speaker cabinet base, otherwise it ends up being the same speaker (the forte IV). Takes about 2 hours to install.   you will need 2 kits: https://paducahhomet... 
Good Speakers for Rock and Roll Under 15K
Forte IV’s  
Finally got a Luxman
Yeah, zero regrets. This thing just sound magnificent!  I went for nothing. Can’t even imagine what the higher-ups sound like. Maybe if I hit the lottery;)  
REL Hum. Stumped
Ok solved it!   The clue was the fact when I moved the stock cable around it would pick up hum next to certain devices so I assumed EMI.  So I made shielded cable   I bought some 4 strand shielded copper cable from Home Depot. This cable has 4 ... 
REL Hum. Stumped
It is dedicated     i’ve also noticed that if I move the speaker cable around disconnected from the amp, it changes the hum, almost like it’s acting like an antenna for it  
Finally got a Luxman
Yes you can upgrade the forte 3 to forte 4. Just type in forte 3 upgrade kit in google.  Well worth the $800 IMO.    I think the cheaper units that come from Japan will require a step down transformer, but I’ve also read there is something you ca... 
Recommend a non-polite sounding amp / integrated
I have the Technics SU-G700mk2. It replaces and betters the vintage BAT VK-3ixSE pre with AR-V35 tube amp. It does exact what you are requesting. I do run this amp on my Forte III’s. I have not tried it on my Thiel CS2.4’s yet. The sound is powerf... 
REL .LFE input
I did. No joy.   
REL .LFE input
Well the wiring checked out to be good.