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Why Don't More People Love Audio?
It's simply a matter of preference and resource allocation.The same can be said of anything.Why don't more people love yoga?Why don't more people love French cuisine?Why don't more people love hunting?Everyone can't love everything.I've talked to ... 
Why Don't More People Love Audio?
Different strokes for different folks.No sense in getting offended or attempting to look down on others because they don't want to come to your party.They are having their own parties and apparently it's working just fine for them.Live and let live. 
Why Do You Still Have Vinyl if You Don't Play it?
Playing analog just seems too time consuming. When I factor in the time spent on analog I wonder what better things I could be doing with my time. Spending more time with loved ones or doing things with a greater payoff.At a point in life it becam... 
Soundstage depth and width
Reference level sound staging and imaging is something so elusive, so condition specific and subjective that it is something I personally have stopped trying to achieve. Much of it appears to be a recording artifact and a playback artifact that I ... 
are audiophiles different than non audiophiles ?
How important is high quality audio reproduction, not that important. It's a simple hobby like any other, no better no worse. Audiophiles have to stop looking at others not in the hobby or involved to their level as if the other people are missing... 
What are we really trying to replicate?
All I can advise is to save your time and money and never get wrapped up in this stuff. I can almost promise you it won't end well. 
Is my room doomed? Pic
It's the room my friend. You are not crazy. I wouldn't say it's doomed but there are some things you will need to come to terms with. Unless you plan to invest in tuning that room to work better with those speakers, the magic is likely not going t... 
You can't have too many apostrophe's
Nearly everyone who got on their soapbox messed something up in their post. People in glass houses...Humility for us all please. Let's value education over consumerism and then we can have this discussion but on another forum. 
best rock voices
Robert Plant or Freddie Mercury come to mind first.That fella Sabastian Bach from Skid Row amazed the hell out of me. His voice has a sound that I've never been able to forget. It sounds pure but gritty, controlled yet wild and serene yet lively. ... 
Sensual Music
Thanks for reminding me.Sade's "Stronger Than Pride" Enigma can also take you to a very special place. 
Sensual Music
I listened to that "Last exit" song, oh my gawd thank you for Marvin Gaye, I had no idea. Different strokes for different folks.If you ever want to try something different Gaye's "I Want You" and "Let's Get It On" Remastered Expanded Deluxe Editio... 
Sensual Music
Put on some Marvin Gaye and be down with it.That man could sing "Baby, you are fat and ugly but I've got an hour to spare." And I swear she would take it as a compliment. I've never needed more than Marvin. 
Can digital cables be used as interconnects?
I've used Speltz anti-cables both ways, sounded good both ways. 
Our home system: How good it is?
Are people making the music wearing certain clothing?Is the recording engineer wearing certain clothing?Are people attending live concerts with certain clothing?This is a new one for me.Do I also need to find out exactly what the musicians and rec... 
Food: What does the typical audiophile eat?
"I'm eating a slice of lemon pound cake right now with some grape-cranberry juice. I had cornflakes for breakfast, pasta with marinara sauce for lunch and a Boca Burger with curry rice and veggies for dinner."No meat. You must have panel speakers ...