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Perception and Watts: Doubling of power
Turn on your I phone SPL meter and let me know when you get to 140 decibels.  
When were the best tube amps made?
When were the best tube amps made?  Last Thursday. What were they?  Conrad Johnson.  
What's your favorite $5-7000 turntable?
Rega RP10 with the Apheta 2.  If I get a good raise at work, I may spring for the Aphelion.  
How Did Your First Audiophile Experience Impact Your Audio Journey?
I listened to a system with big monoblock amps and Infinity speakers with the newly introduced EMIT tweeters.  Listened to the Doobie Brothers loud and long and left the showroom with a splitting headache. 15 years later, I bought the Adcom 555 II... 
Digital is far better than vinyl
What baylinor said.  
How much is about the recording
It all starts with the recording, and the quality of the recording. I listen to a wide range of music.  I like the Mozart Piano Concertos on Archiv LP's and discs (although the LP's are better).  I also liked Adele 21, but I don't think a good rec... 
Should I bi-amp or bridge my amps to feed my speakers
You bridge your amps and you create a public address system from a stereo system.  It will be louder and it will sound poor.  If you want to bi-amp, that will likely yield better results.  Speaking from experience here.  
Does a turntable make a DRAMATIC difference?
I had always heard great things about the Rega RP6 with the Exact2 cartridge, so I bought one.  I also purchased a Pass labs Xp15 phono stage to go with the rest of my system; CJ ET5 preamp and CJ tube amps.  My CD player is a Modwright Oppo 105D.... 
New amp listening fatigue: Distortion or ??????
Like "arafiq" said above, Answer: tubes  
Best interconnects from preamp to amps, within budget
Well, at least nobody has suggested the guy needs $5,000 cables yet.  
Largely obsolete products at sky high prices.  Where's Dave and Troy when you need them, anyway 😝?  
Why is Audiogon checking my browser?
It's big brother.  Watch out.  
New Rega P10 setup
I have the RP10 with the Apheta 2.  Also have the Pass Labs XP-15, as you do.  I would try the Apheta 2 or 3 and I think you will like it (depending on your musical tastes).  I have found this to be a terrific table/cartridge/phonostage combinatio... 
Seeking suggestions for 6922 tubes
I like the Telefunken's, although they are getting harder to find, and pretty spendy for matched pairs.  I think the Siemens comes pretty close, based largely on the type of music you listen to.  Brent Jesse is an excellent tube guy.  Tube Depot j... 
Am I nuts?
$4.00.  You'll be fine if your budget is $4.00.  Otherwise, don't do it.