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20 Years?
just checked and i joined in 2003. looking back, there's always been the same mix of trolls, know-it-alls and good folks. i do confess that the trolls and know-it-alls annoy me more than they did back then, but the good folks remain the overwhelmi... 
Value of a preamp?
fwiw, i just did a listening session with a naim power amp and a ps audio 5.0 preamp, which has both an active and passive (straightwire) mode. at the same volume, the active mode had significantly deeper (but less sculpted) bass and more dynamic ... 
Best Circa 90's CDP
if you can find a denon 3560 (or the lesser 2560) it's a helluva player--massively overbuilt, with xlr and variable outs. the much cheaper, less formidable-looking rotel 855 is also pretty great.  
Recommendations on integrated amps
Most of the above-recommended makers have models with onboard dacs within your budget---nad/rotel/yamaha/cambridge/arcam etc.  
Recommendations on integrated amps
rotel is affiliated with the same company as b&w so should synergize well. i'd also look at cambrigde audio ax81.  
Arcam SA30 vs Denon PMA- A110
@edwinf, you could drop a lot more money on a luxman or pass which would probably sound better than the denon, and many folks on these pages instinctively tout less mainstream brands,  but the denon is a helluva piece on its own terms. the way i s... 
Arcam SA30 vs Denon PMA- A110
my good friend has the arcam, which he uses with magnepan 3.7s, which are admittedly a tough load. it sounds fine but not awe-inspiring--the warm-sounding arcam definitely colors the presentation. otoh, i've heard the denon with focals (i believe ... 
B&W 805 D4: which 5 channel power amp should I go with (home theater): Parasound or Rotel
reflexively i would have voted for parasound, which i've always liked, but @woots makes a very valid point about rotel and b&w playing well together because they're from the same company--synergy is always critical--so i vote for rotel.  
Ripping CDs
rvpiano, if for some reason you're averse to  computers, there's a number of standalone  devices out there which will play, record and rip CDs and store them on their internal drives--the yamaha mcx-1000 comes to mind. i see 'em on ebay for $200. ... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
quicksilver messenger service, "shady grove"--poorly recorded, but strangely beautiful, with slow stately slightly trippy songs and gobs of nicky hopkins' piano. nirvana, "in utero"--always a tough one for me--half the songs are iconic, while the... 
Young audiophile metal head looking to level up speaker choice
i'd look seriously at the goldenear w/powered subs (which have polk lineage)--they extend low, have a small footprint + you can get good deals on the triton models.  
Receiver for 702 S2 and HTM71 S2
@mysterygadget, i've no doubt the more recent anthem 1140 is favored, but you're talking a lot more money + it's likely overkill for what you need--it has 11 channels? i haven't heard the arcam 550, although i do know the earlier-generation 500, w... 
Receiver for 702 S2 and HTM71 S2
avrs depreciate faster than old sushi, so i'd buy used or refurbished. you can find a  anthem 520/720/740 for pretty cheap--it'll have fewer bells and whistles than the mass market stuff but are better built and will probably sound better. arcam a... 
Adcom pre amp versus Van Alstine
@mrdmbman, not surprised you like the adcom (are you using the active or passive mode?)--it's a helluva good piece. curious to hear your comparison to the va.  
Floor to Bookshelf
https://forum.audiogon.com/posts/2642092 @mightee, the monitor audio i've heard are transparent and very extended at the high end--i wouldn't call them bright (in the sense of having an energized, hard-edged treble), but neither are they as warm/...