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Preamp vs DAC vs Streamer
At your budget anthem and nad do what you seek....moving up price wise you can look at lyngdorf, which I haven't heard.  
Does it bother you when you see inflated MSRP’s for used gear on AG?
It does bother me...I'm fine with paying a premium (relative to eBay or craigslist) for gear sold on the site, but I expect honesty from the seller even if I can do my own research. I will say that 90% of the agon buyers and sellers I've dealt wit... 
Primare CD32?
could be a dirty (or more likely) misaligned laser, which is relatively simple to fix yourself--check out some youtube videos.  
I am looking to upgrade - looking for advice
you haven't specified a budget, but without spending a ton i'd go for a good integrated w/dac--the hegel and vincent suggestions above are good ones.  
Help me spend $100,000 on a new system
i don't really get all the folks tsk-tsking  and discouraging you from spending your own hundred grand. that said, if the objective is to improve your system (as opposed to merely wanting to purchase new gear for its own sake), i'm with the fix-th... 
Any recommendation for a CD changer?
i saw numerous integra cdc 3.4 used on ebay for <$100--i personally wouldn't pay for a new one.  
Any recommendation for a CD changer?
you can find an integra cdc cheaply on ebay--reliable and sounds pretty good. sony es was also a good suggestion.  
Wintec R-1060 Receiver questions
pure speculation, but kyocera didn't get into audio until the early 80s, so i'd guess they weren't the manufacturer. it could be luxman, but it doesn't really look like luxman receivers of that era--i read someone else speculate that it was yamaha... 
need advice for new/used avr
avrs depreciate faster than day-old sushi, so it doesn’t make alot of sense to pay full srp....let us know what you end up with.  
need advice for new/used avr
+1 @soix . I own the anthem but if I was you I'd probably buy a Yamaha from a4 less  
Looking for an all-in-one just-add-speakers streamer for my son to take to college
i sorta agree with sfar--a pair of edifier bt speakers are cheap, easy and sound surprisingly pretty good. your kid has plenty of time to evolve and overspend on gear like the rest of us.  
SONY XA7ES needs dire help...anyone out there?
conceivably another (much cheaper) sony cdp of the same era uses the same laser pickup and you can cannibalize?  
10 k speaker setup. 5.1
i agree with ghdprentice--you won't want to forgo the center channel. it sounds like you can't do a conventional setup of your fronts/center because of the screen, but it would be more helpful if you posted a photo of the room--conceivably they co... 
Robbie Robertson: "Killers Of The Flower Moon" Soundtrack
i saw the movie this weekend and while i love classic scorcese, this one  was a big disappointment--unrelentingly grim, dull and loooong. soundtrack was fine but not memorable.  i didn't like "oppenheimer" either, so maybe it's me.  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
@slaw old ramon is the best thing mark kozolek has done....gorgeous intense record. Too bad he's such a stroke---god plays strange tricks when doling out genius.