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New Von Schweikert VR SR4 mk11 Cream or Crap ???
If it is the same as the jr, the spike thread is an M8. I looked for a while for something more substantial (read: less pot metal) to no avail. If I was more ambitious, I would probably just replace the threaded inserts with a size that would acce... 
River cables anyone?
Did it seem at all odd to you that the StarFlex is configured and measures exactly the same as Canare 4S11? I'm not sayin' - I'm just sayin'Have, Inc. and RAM both have something very similar: http://store.haveinc.com/Ebus30/Parts/Part.asp?Part=20... 
Boxing and shipping BIG speakers? Whats best?
Nsgarch is correct. Forget about UPS. That's a guaranteed recipe for disaster (unfortunately, I have first-hand experience with their less than competent packing abilities.)If you don't have the time or facilities to crate them yourself, definitel... 
What time do you wear?
Usually, none. When I do, it's a Citizen Ecodrive titanium WR200 perpetual calendar. It was an anniversary present. 
If you had to pay full retail, would you...???
Though I can't forsee any circumstance where I would be unable to get a reasonable discount on equipment, I would definitely not pay retail. Still, even a decent discount from retail won't get you nearly as much bang for your buck as AudiogoN. 
Donald Fagen's Nightfly - Love it or Hate it?
Plain & simple: love it! Anything touched by Fagan is pretty much guaranteed to be interesting either intellectually, sonically or musically.Being a drummer, I agree with others who find the percussion a bit one dimensional. The recording hist... 
At what price do amps start to sound
What Warren said... 'There ain't no rule of thumb.'You want 'imaging, depth and timbre?' Get a $39 Sonic Impact class T amp and go nuts. It may not impress your friends, but it will sound amazing paired with an efficient transducer. Or how about a... 
levinson lexus sound?
I auditioned the Levinson systems in both Lexus' that I own and chose to save my money. In motion, I couldn't at all justify the difference in price between the Levinson and factory systems.Not long ago, I test drove an Acura TL type S. The sales ... 
What cables would sound best with my system??
The ones that you like the best. 
What do you think of my 25 laws of audio
Were these 'laws' gleaned from some Circuit City salesperson or something? 
tall solid speaker stands?
Jason at Ironworkz Audio will fix you up with whatever you want at a reasonable price.I have to echo Jax2 in wondering why you would want to go with a 36" stand? Seems that would put your tweeters about 50" from the floor! 
Jolida, The Company - An Interesting Article
If registration DOES bother you, just get a login from bugmenot.com... 
Receivers with Video Switching
Try a Harmony remote. One button press sets up your gear however you want it to.It's a cheaper alternative and it can grow with your system. 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
RUSH: Closer to the Heart ~And the men who hold high placesMust be the ones to startTo mould a new realityCloser to the heart 
Speakers cables for Electrostats....
I'm not sure where you got the impression that thinner wire will have better electrical properties. Too many variables to make that assumption.Get yourself some Goertz MI-2. Lowest inductance in the west. Don't forget to install a Zobel network if...