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Need long ICs that sound like KCAG
The long lengths of twisted-unshielded can work, but it will depend upon your electrical environment. What are the possible 'contaminants' in close proximity to your runs? If there are many and you have to use that kind of length, then I would cer... 
Need long ICs that sound like KCAG
If you like the KCAG, you might want to mosey on over to Homegrown audio, buy the bulk wire(very Kimber-like) and build them yourself. 
Internet Radio
While at work, I split time between KCEA and Mostly Classical 
Digital Amp's
It's often misconstrued that the 'D' stands for digital. It doesn't. It was merely the next letter in the alphabet.Class 'D' topology is old news, having it's first iterations pre-transistor. It is a compromise design that sacrifices sound quality... 
Digital or RCA?
I would guess the Cal probably has the better DAC of the two pieces, but the choice will be more dependent upon what sounds good to you. You'll just have to bite the bullet and try it both ways. 
What's the funniest song you ever heard?
Flim & the BBs: Five on the Floor from 'Further Adventures of.' There's a lyrical interlude part way through the piece. I have no idea what it means, but it's funny as all get out! 
Speakers for BAT system?
Fly,I'm running VR4jrs with all BAT gear and it is a really nice match. The caveat is that I'm running a VK60 (until I locate a 75se), so YMMV. Do take the time to audtion them. They are definitely worth consideration. 
Dedicate Cd player help
Chad's got the right idea. The Jolida JD100 is a bargain at well under the $1200 mark. Even bigger bargain used. If I had the need of a budget player, I would still have one around.I might add the Music Hall CD25 to the list as well. 
The song you just cant stop playing???
Loreena McKennitt: 'The Visit' - Bonny Portmore.Eva Cassidy: 'Songbird' - Fields of Gold.Chris Botti: 'Thousand Kisses Deep' - My Funny Valentine.I think what I find so appealing about these cuts is that they are down-tempo, laid-back and sparsely... 
DOA- do we need to redefine the 'A'?
"Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances."If you want high end gear at Best Buy prices, you're going to have to take some risks. To me, the risks are preferrable to paying retail.I think Audiogon (the entity) best serves by being a relatively s... 
"new" Joni Mitchell album
How did you miss the song titles? That should have made it obvious the 'collection' was made up of previously released tracks.If the album has not been previously released, then it is technically a 'new' collection, however misleading it may sound. 
What is the definition of SACD -noobQ-
You will find your answer here, along with many other definitions(in case you have other questions about acronyms.) 
If Audio bug never hit you, what hobby might have?
I'd take up sleeping. I hear it's pretty awesome...Failing that, I'd probably put a band together and go back to playing the local circuit. 
Where R U?????
Jackson, WI. Let's see...you drive north from Milwaukee until you get to the 'sticks,' then continue north until you fall off the edge of the planet. When you hit bottom, you'll be in Jackson. 
Is this ludicrous or not?
I'm cynical by nature and spend precious little time reading reviews, especially those where there is likely an axe available for the grinding.In the 'professional' reviews I have taken time to peruse, it often seems there is a game of one-uppmans...