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Jazz Mount Rushmore
Huh? First, maybe we should establish what is the definition of "Jazz". When you think "Jazz", what/who comes to mind?  For me, I do not always think of the old classic musicians mentioned above.  Miles on occasion maybe.  
vibration control - cd player
OK Guys.  Don't laugh. I had a BooS Blocks large cutting board laying around here for years, unused.  Not cheap.  Some kind of hardwood.  Then, someone here mentioned using one.  I figured what the heck.  Set it up with a few old anti vibe pucks ... 
Sub $2,000 Integrated Amp Recommendations
Look for these two units and, with those speakers you will experience a whole new level of listening. -    CHoco EMEI Integrated Amp -    Denafrips Areis DAC Get them used and the cost will be at your price point. I have the Pontus and a year a... 
DAC with i2S
I also recommend the Pontus.  Very happy with mine in my system.  Always used the I2S input from my cd transport.  Just purchased the Pontus 12th-1 so will be selling the original soon.  
A little gift for my fellow audiophiles
Be aware All.  The link provided to Audiophilemusic is to purchase a DOWNLOAD of the CD.  NOT the CD itself.  The OP did not make that clear.  I made the mistake and thought I was getting a CD sent to me.  Audiophilemusic will not refund.  
A little gift for my fellow audiophiles
OK.  I'll bite on this one.  Just 6 bucks.  Will post with my impressions.  
Subwoofer Basics Help
I have the REGA Aethos and had the same issue.  Ended up using this volume control.   https://www.ebay.com/itm/264143836049  Connect from RECORED OUT to this then out to subwoofer.  Works very well to control the sound level of the sub.   Each r... 
Is anybody using the new Afterdark music server?
I have been using their Black Magic I2s cable for my CD transport to dac for a few years with great results.  
Earth (isolated) ground vs. wall outlet ground.
Interesting topic.  I've been asking myself these same questions for years.  My old sixty three year small house has all two prong outlets from an old fuse panel.  The only ground is through the wall to the ground rod(I assume) buried to this pane... 
What new gear have you just bought?
"Swiss Digital Fusebox"  Hhmm?  Is it designed so it can be opened or is it sealed in epoxy? Waiting for my new CHoco Sound · EMEI Integrated Amp.  Had to give it a try.  
Does someone’s opinion affect your opinion?
You used the term "someone".  Is that someone a close friend or family?  Maybe that someone was purposely being an a** ,  because of jealousy and wanted to knock you down a bit? I love the sound of my system and I'm the only human that has listen... 
I have perfected my network for the nth time
Oh Jeezze!  And I just bought my first dedicated streamer box and think it sounds great.🤨  WIIM Pro  
List some of your favorite live Jazz recordings
  Mahgister Tom Harrell is interesting and way less known..or Avishai Cohen at the trumpet Avishai Cohen s++ks.  Does not (will not) play two notes back to back in tune/key.  At  least the recordings I have.  I appreciate that style but can onl... 
Magnapan LRS+ VS .7
Update 7/1/2023 I’ve decided to try the LRS+ just to get the feel of a planer speaker and see/hear what will do in my room. Contacted TMR and they had a set in stock. By the time I got back them to order, that set was sold. Now 4-6 week wait for ... 
Magnapan LRS+ VS .7
Well it seems we/I have a conundrum! First, thanks to All that have replied.  The LRS+ waiting time is some months and I'm the type that when I decide to buy it, I WANT IT!  No matter.  From what I've read and the responses here, getting the best...