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What is best CD player for my system ?
Wadia 581SE or 781i 
Cables for Focal Utopia Diablo
Thanks very much. Would you mind telling me what other cables you have tried before you settled on your current cables. What did you like about them? 
What is the best amp for Sonus Faber Cremonas?
Try either Ayre or Krell. 
Amp for Amati Homage??
In general, Ayre amps match well with SF speakers. I currently have the Ayre MXR driving the memento to great effect. 
Review: Wadia 781 CD Player
Hi David,Thanks very much for the review. I was wondering if you could let me know how big of an improvement to move from 581se to 781. Thanks very much. 
Ayre vs Boulder
As a MX-R owner, I advise to go for the MXRs. They sound great and look sexy and I really like the compnay's first class customer service. Also, Ayre products have better resale values. 
Wadia 581SE versus Esoteric UX-3Pi
I listened to the X-03 SE when I was in the process of upgrading my speakers at a dealer and found that it sounded plain for my taste compared to the Wadia 861SE that a friend of mine owns. I ended up getting the Wadia 581se 2 months after I got m... 
Ayre MR-X monoblocks - how good are they??
Downunder,Since you have the SF Stradivari speakers, I would think that the Ayre MXR will match very well with them. I have the MXR driving my SF Memento and they sound great. I used to have Pass Labs and Boulder (piece of junk), the MXRs are by f... 
Which is the best CD-Player up to $ 10k ?
I have the Wadia 581SE for close to a year now and I have not encountered any problems and it sounds great. 
Next upgrade, DartZeel or Ayre
Have not heard the DartZeel. My current set up include SF Memento, Ayre MXR and Wadia 581 SE and they sound magical. The Ayre mono amps are very special. I also heard Ayre MX-R and Ayre K1xe driven by Nagra player on Guarneri Memento and they also... 
Plinius SA103 vs Ayre V-5xe vs Pass X150.5
Ayre is a great match for SF speakers. Pass can be a good match as well. Used to own PassX5 driving SF Memento but switched to Ayre MXR later on. They both sound similiar Can't comment on Plinius as I have not listened to it before. 
Amp for Sonus Faber speakers
If you want to go the SS route, try Ayre or Krell. They match well with SF speakers. 
Best Speakers to match Ayre V-1xe and K-1xe
You may also want to consider Sonus Faber speakers. They sound great with Ayre gears. Currently have the MX-R driving SF Memento and they sound excellent. Have also demoed V1xe driving SF speakers, they also match well. Wife acceptance factor is a... 
Best Speakers to Audition in the $5-10k range?
I agreed w/ Jkalman. With a pair of Dynaduio C1, Contour SCX center and SR speakers, you will get amazing sound not only with HT but also with musice listening as well. You will need to buy them used due to your budget. You can add a sub if you bu...