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JL Audio Fathom
I haven't been without subwoofers since the sixties. After giving away my early Technics SL 1200 for a belt driven Well Tempered Classic I experienced that Basis Audio's A.J. Conti was defiantly onto turntable drive belt irregularities and aging.... 
Subwoofer - is there one that would work in this situation?
Mr. Chesky's -6dB minimally controlled sub-bass speakers are extremely forgiving of room placement simply because they don't output frequency low enough to excite a rooms bass modes. A properly positioned and optimized -3dB subwoofer can provide ... 
Cerwin Vega owner
@no_r_way    Mostly PA components. One of the first big powered solid state amps the Cerwin-Vega A-1800-A, two V-B12's and a B-36. Despite the typical PA thrashing Czerwinski's stuff worked terrific right up to being sold. I still have the B-36. ... 
JL Audio Fathom
If you haven't already, perform the subwoofer crawl and map your rooms two loudest standing wave bass modes. Position the ML 1100X's in those modes then recalibrating them. Despite the level of noticeable improvement at least you'll know that room... 
Velodyne ULD-15 Rebuild
I'd ask here. https://www.georgemeyer-av.com/velodyne-subwoofers/  
Anybody here listened to Daniel Hertz Speakers? What did you think?
Better yet make up your own mind. That's why Danie Hertz offers a 30-day risk-free in-home trial on all our audio equipment.     
Subwoofer speed is in the room, not the box
@clio09  If the amplifier could talk and express an opinion on filters, slopes, and frequencies, not to mention phase and damping we might be a bit surprised. After all its the amp that is coupled to the speaker. During the development of their... 
Finally...subwoofer that's aesthetically pleasing!
Murray Fink RIP. You keep warm.   
Finally...subwoofer that's aesthetically pleasing!
@bigwave1  No cam and windy, right? My wife’s uncle Murray was a  high school wood shop teacher a few miles South.   
Subwoofer speed is in the room, not the box
​​​​​I can't speak to my speakers IM or doppler distortion. I can say when I first heard my current speakers I was underwhelmed by their sizzle and boom dynamics and beguiled by their cohesively musical rightness at any volume while forbidden by t... 
Subwoofer speed is in the room, not the box
@james633 Anyone that has used a sub without a highpass is doing it wrong. After crawl test positioning and playing the Sweep Tone CD the Velodyne Plus software measures the speakers from 200Hz and the subs from 100Hz - 15Hz in room simultaneo... 
Finally...subwoofer that's aesthetically pleasing!
@bigwave1 Your's blend in nicely.  Big wave? What's your home break?  
Adding a sub
@gdaddy1 make sure it is able to be connected through the ’high level input’. It makes a big difference. Look at REL videos for explanation. Paul McGowen recommends this as well. It certainly does make a big difference. Likely why every master... 
Noise coming from subwoofers and centre channel
I had what seemed to be connectivity issues with my Pioneer Elite AV receiver and the Elite plasma.  Replacing the high quality HDMI cable with brand new modestly priced cable solved the problem. I don't think HDMI is very robust to begin with.  ... 
Maggies and subwoofer integration
@noamtasini  Which Velodyne model are you using?