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iPod to DAC Connection
HiNot sure if this helps, but click and copy and put to your browser and see. lat us know 
Kubala-Sosna & Meitner Emm Labs Gets my top Vote
Springbok10Which cable did you compare, was it all of them including the PC or just a speaker or interconnect cable. The Power cords do add a great synergy to the system. When I was doing my audition, I found the Speaker and Power Cords to be an i... 
Kubala-Sosna & Meitner Emm Labs Gets my top Vote
Yes I'm using the AT&T Glass Optical 98% of the time sometimes I try the AES/EBU for testing different CD sounds, it is different but interesting. And yes the Emm labs upgrades the AT&T board & all the AT&T Optical glass cables wer... 
Review: Kubala-Sosna Emotion Interconnects Interconnect
Very nicely written, and congradulation on your system. It's good to see that, the Kubala cables are finally getting some regonition. 
Kubala-Sosna & Meitner Emm Labs Gets my top Vote
MejamesNot the new meitner Transport ( I wish ) but I'm using the Philips 1000 with the EMM Labs upgrade. And on price for the Kubala-Emotion 1 Meter XLR, I think it best to call Bob @ 212-229-1842. 
Kubala-Sosna cables?
I will be posting saturday July 17th in the afternoon, my experiences with the Emotion line, I have them threw out my system. Very impressive cable. All of there cabling speaker, IC's and the Power Cords are clearly world class @ a very respectful... 
from a Krell SS- FPB 600 to What Tube Amp ?
RkurylOn the Kubala , well lets say I have had 2 years of trial and error, on cable testing. My home reference consisted of Transparent Reference Speaker cables, after many attemps , with Silteck G5, Valhalla, Supra Swords, Ensemble, the only cabl...