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It looks like a Raysonic. When you spend that much on a player or dac, you're buying the whole package. Just look at the Chord QBD76. It's beautiful.I've been eyeing the Skylla, and I'd really like to try it out. But couldn't have they put more ef... 
Anyone else tried the Acoustic Systems Liveline?
Pani, how does the Crimson compare to the Silkworms and Yamamura? 
Anyone else tried the Acoustic Systems Liveline?
Gotta agree with Pani on this one. Out of all the interconnects I've tried, the Livelines effect on my system was the strongest. It's not subtle at all. Definitely a must audition unless you are buying it used and can afford to resell it. 
power conditioner for cd transport and dac?
I've heard the opposite. That a certain power regenerator brand causes hyper texturing. 
Running Springs Audio
I spoke with a guy who told me there a knock off Running Springs units (made in China) floating around. I don't know if this is true, but just to give everyone a heads up. Be sure to ask for the original receipt. 
Anyone else tried the Acoustic Systems Liveline?
Pani, I agree with your description of the Livelines. I find it funny that none of the professional reviews mentioned the tonality of the cable. 
Anyone else tried the Acoustic Systems Liveline?
Voice of dissension here. I had the ASIs and I didn't like what they did tonally to my system. Also, they have a "live" sound to them that I'm not sure I liked. I was speaking with another audiophile who had heard them and had the same impression.... 
DCCA Passion Master Interconnect
I picked up Bryant's Passion Masters. They are indeed most enjoyable. Musical & refined. 
Berkeley vs Antelope anyone compared ?
"I can't believe how they manage to sell something from $2700 and have such a cheap power supply"Welcome to "high end" audo. I have a USB converter that sold for over 1k that has a cheap wallwart power supply made in China. 
New Rega DAC
If the new Isis is as special as people say it is, they've probably redefined the value proposition for a high-end CD player. Of course, there will always be audiophiles into trophy audio and brand names who will not consider the Rega. 
Has anyone listened to the Birdland Odéon-Pt DAC?
The Odeon-Pt has been out for long time. Although it looks like he finally updated the website after all of these years, so maybe the Odeon-Pt has received an update also? Or it could be the exact same model that came out years ago.I owned both th... 
DCCA Passion Master Interconnect
I purchased a pair of Don's older Eminence ICs. They are special, with the qualities Bryantho described. 
Best component video cable under $150?
"many A'goner's will argue I am on glue and that their is no difference between video cables"All you have to do is compare two sets of component cables. The difference in picture quality between my Comcast cables and my Monster cables is day and n... 
Powercord for McCormack DNA 500
I have an Audience Powerchord 20amp. It transforms this amplifier. A must audition for all DNA-500 owners.