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pass labs xa30 to valve amplifier.
Yes, pub, per the Stereophile measurments linked above, it'll go to 130@8 and nearly 200@4.....However, at that point you're clearly in A/B. 
No, You Cannot Bi-Amp
Relative power needed is almost entirely governed by crossover point.If you crossed over at 10khz, you could make due with a 30 watt tube amp on top of a 300 watt SS.Than, other issues would come to the fore. 
No, You Cannot Bi-Amp
I think one of the reasons that bi-amping is a lightning rod is that there is much misinformation or opinion masquerading as fact.People also mix non-compatible gear, like a fast SS amp with a 'slower' tube amp on the highs. (strongly held opinion... 
No, You Cannot Bi-Amp
Isn't that Guy Fawkes day?I don't remember....remember 
pass labs xa30 to valve amplifier.
Multi-way speakers with complex crossovers DO eat up power. The phase angle and impedance both need to be factored in when choosing an least on paper.Big impedance swings with a hi phase angle at some low dip in impedance is a recipe for... 
Furman polarity?
As does my isolation transformer...used only for low current or digital gear.It is a 400va transformer. 
Need some help with an amp.
Than say that in your feedback.'Amp needed xx$ in repair within XX days of receipt. It had been represented as in perfect condition'....or whatever the facts are. 
pass labs xa30 to valve amplifier.
I have difficulty with 92db / 8ohm speakers running out of juice with the 30.5 which runs to 130 watts at redline, per Stereophile measured data. If power is the only issue, and I'd really keep an eye on the bias meter, perhaps going upline to the... 
First subwoofer for a newbie.
HSU Research. If you live in Southern California, you can buy direct, save shipping and perhaps get a cash discount.For 1200$? A pair of subs would work fine. I have the mk3 version of this sub and it is both musical and thundereous. A pair in eve... 
Is upgrading worth it?
I've never had the money to indulge my whims. Or the inclination to skip other stuff to go with upgrade fever. So, my system remains stable for long time periods. Before the upgrade I did from 3 to 5 years ago, my system had been stable for about ... 
Dynaudio Xeo, First High End Wireless Speaker.
I saw Braun Tri-Amps back in the 70s. Good stuff.Add a BlueTooth receiver and there 'ya go.....right up-to-date. The NEW CA DACMagic has bluetooth in an optional dongle. 
Oppo options
In the 500$ region you'll find plent of interesting DACs both new and used.The NEW kid on the block is just a tick OVER your 500$ limit but is, to me, the most interesting of the lot. The CA DACMagic PLUS has a number of interesting features inclu... 
Well, Wof, I appreciate buying 'used' stuff. It can be quite the value. I'm a long-term equipment owner, myself, however, not doing too much swap. My last sytem was stable for 20+ years, more or less. I am making an adjustment in what I own based ... 
Amplifier current draw/wattage
Another, more obtuse path to the same data would use an SPL meter, test tone disk and a good DVM or scope....scope preff'd. The voltage at the speaker is related to *power* to the speaker. ORYou could also measure watts used...of the amp, and calc... 
ISO advice for replacement fuse
at 1/2 amp, a regular fuse will be just a tiny, hair-like piece of wire between the endcaps.Slo-Blo? Should have some heatsinking. For electronics without a DAC, slo-blo simply makes no sense.