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Coincident vs Lamm
And, of course, I meant to say "multiple" 
Coincident vs Lamm
If I may offer my opinion. I never had Franks in my own system, but heard them maultiple times in various contexts.I've had different highly regarded amps in my system before I acquired LammI do own Lamm ML 2. And in the context of my own syste, t... 
Let's share secrets of Lamm 6C33C tubes
I don't know the exact answer to your question (I do have the same ML-2 amps).What I do know, that 6c33c don't need testing and matching in many applications, and only a few manufacturers do that.I know for a fact, that BAT does it, and LAMM, of c... 
Has anyone heard of Volti Audio?
I was at Capfest as well on Saturday.In Volti room they had two pairs of speakers- one based on Klipschorn and the other was two-piece design, and that's the one they played. It sounded way too bright to me.Classic Audio had terrible ground loop n... 
Avantgarde Duo owners in NYC?
I'm in Philadelphia, if you want to make a trip. 
Avantgarde Duos: Omega or Mezzo?
Miguelito,Placement is critical, first, you have to position for the best bass response in your particular room- could be tricky, since it might NOT coincide with the best position for the imaging. So you will have to experiment in your own room.I... 
Peachtree Audio Nova125 & sensitive speakers
Bob Reynolds,Got it now. It was kind of funny, though 
Peachtree Audio Nova125 & sensitive speakers
"It would be interesting to see if the hiss persists with the speaker cables disconnected from the speakers."Bob Reynolds, That's a good one... 
Avantgarde Duos: Omega or Mezzo?
Trios are very tempting, and there are incredible deals on the used one's from time to time.I can't really comment on Mezzo's integration, but I do think, it should be easier to do, than with the Duos 
Avantgarde Duos: Omega or Mezzo?
Subwoofers I have not because Duos not go low enough, I actually measured them go down to 18-20 Hz. It has more to do with the optimal placement, in doing that for approx. 2 years, I have realized, that a main speakers placement optimal for imagin... 
Avantgarde Duos: Omega or Mezzo?
I have Duo, never heard Mezzo. If I may, I would really try to audition first. I suspect Mezzo is a significant improvement, but you should absolutely take your room into a consideration. What size is it, BTW? Any room treatments? 
One artist, band, you keep coming back to
Jethro Tull/ Ian AndersonMark Knopfler 
why no recent Merlin speaker reviews?
I heard Merlin speakers multiple times at the shows, and could never understand what all the fuss is all about.They are clearly very light in the bass department and that disqualifies them as realistic sounding with majority of recordings, short o... 
How to add second receptacle to the same line?
Mental,Maybe in a strict technical terms it's not dedicated, but it is dedicated as far, as nothing else is on the same line 
Horning Eufrodites - help needed with boomy bass
Tom is right,I have done much more extensive structural changes in my room in order to tame room bass modes. It is a difficult decision, but by looking at it, shouldn't be that difficult to implement technically- and, you will thank yourself later...