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Replacement for my Benz Micro Ruby
Contact Osage Audio, they just might have what you're looking for.  
Dust cover for my dust cover?
I'll second Digital Deck Covers. You measure, it will be made to exactly your specs, you choose the material, and may choose their logo applied, or omit. I had them make covers for all my components.  
Sutherland 20/20 Experience & Thoughts
From what I've read, and from what one Sutherland dealer has mentioned to me, he stated that the 20/20 was even more quiet than the older PHD, as well as more dynamic. One reviewer sort of touched upon the same, saying the 20/20 was more dynamic ... 
Tape deck repair in the Chicago area
Sorry, I know this is an old post. For repairs on basically any gear, vintage or new, contact Kaspar at Stereo Rehab on Chicago's north side.  He's at 5800 N. Western Ave. He offers a 1 year warranty on all his repairs.  
McIntosh MX 130 as a 2 channe preamp tuner
That is known as the C39  
Sutherland PhD phono stage help
The stock Boards had gain of 45-50-55-60db.Perhaps if Ron could give you the values of the 4, you'd basically have yourself a stock board to play with. 
Phono Preamp Recommendations
 I've been very happy with my older Sutherland PhD Battery Powered Phono Stage that I've had about 5 years now, and will agree that Sutherland makes some very nice products.  
Turntable bearing noise
If it is an original Aries Platter-Bearing, check clearance between the undersie of the bearing shaft flange and Bearing Well top flange. Simple then to screw in the Brass Plug on bottom to gain clearance between the two parts. They could be conta... 
Turntable bearing noise
I would suspect that this being an Aries 1 Table, and if it has the Original Aries Platter,that this has the older, conventional Oil Lubed Bearing, not the Inverted type which then uses Grease. Since it was cleaned, and re-oiled, (which a good Oil... 
using extra mat VPI 16.5?
Hello Czarlvey,Spring strength shouldn't have any affect on the VPI 16.5, or other VPI RCMs that use the same Vacuum Tower Assembly with Helical Spring. That any variance might more likely then be a alteration of Platter Height, and how the Vacuum... 
using extra mat VPI 16.5?
One of the mods I did to my own VPI 16.5 was to replace the Mat. I also had a custom made acrylic platter made too, but that is not pertinent to your question here for the time being.I replaced the cork mat with a 1/8" thick Neoprene Rubber Mat, o... 
Stylus for Audio Technica AT 15EA Cartridge
Or, perhaps another option would be the ATN-15SS Stylus, since the two are interchangeable, and I'm believing both 15 and 20 SS (Super Shibata) stylus replacements would have the Beryillium Cantilever as well.Haven't checked at LP Gear in a long l... 
Why do no audio enthusiasts use McIntosh?
Bsimpson, you're talking about equipment that is at, or near 50 years old.What would anybody expect from such? Who was around back then to compare, Levinson, Krell, ARC, Pass Labs, Accuphase, Burmester, etc etc.It's like you are saying, I onwed a ... 
Hum from SAMA
As earlier mentioned, the Drive Shaft Rod, and Bushing might be dry, and in need of lube.Carefully note where the shaft actually enters into the Motor Housing, at the very bottom. This is where lube can be added. In truth, basically any oil will b... 
VPI Classic platter - is center milled?
Correct Stringreen, and I have perhaps "jumped the gun", in that although I browsed over this thread, there may be some things I have missed, or may not be aware of?A friend I talked to about this yesterday brought up some good points. Firstly, I'...