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OCD mickey website and negativity.
I used to watch this guy regularly but he has crawled so far up his own backside I don't bother now. What really bugs me is that he trashes so many other highly regarded companies simply because they are not exclusive enough. If you don't like a... 
Hi, I can only speak for the DCS Bartok (non-Apex)as someone has mentioned. I was becoming disillusioned with separates because you constantly upgrade with increasingly underwhelming results. I borrowed my friend's Bartok and it lifted my system t... 
Used PS Audio BHK 300 monoblock or (2) new benchmark ahb2 bridged?
Hi Jim Still running my 300's with my Kef Ref 5's.  I use a Dcs Bartok connected via XLR straight to the amps. A very simple set up. It works well and I am very happy with the sound.  The amps have tons of power and even listening at high volume... 
I have Kef Ref 5's  Dcs Bartok PS Audio BHK 300 monos. Rel S812 subs x 2 I know how good your Kefs are and to upgrade them is going to take some serious dough. Why don't you consider a couple of subs, that's what I did and I couldn't be happie... 
Looking for intermediate-step Streamer: better than BS Node and not @ Bartok level pricing
Hi Can you push yourself to a used Bartok? This is what I did. I have absolutely no regrets. I was previously forever upgrading Pre amps, dacs and streamers now everything is so much better and far simpler. It connects straight to my balanced amp... 
Help settle a streaming argument!
You could just buy something like a Dcs Bartok which is what I did. This has a high quality streamer, Dac and Preamp. It is an impressive bit of kit. No more messing about with separates. Mark  
Room Too Dead
I had he same problem as you for years, room is a converted loft over a bungalow. 20' x 20' with no hard surfaces. Sound insulated, thick rubber backed carpet tiles, lots of soft surfaces and no brick walls. It was a really dead space. It all chan... 
@yyzsantabarbara  I think your obsession with monitors outweighs that of hifi components ... lol  
I have perfected my network for the nth time
...... and what does your Doctor have to say about it all?  
Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Ruins the Song ‘Money’!
@clearthinker I'll second that!  
Why Don’t You Post Your System on Your Profile?
You can post your system pics but nobody looks at them anyway .... 🤣  
My turntable sounds like the speed is too slow
Another way to check speed is time the length of the recording and see if it matches the stated time on the sleave.  
PS audio m1200
Hi, I have no experience with the M1200's but I did have the M700's. I used these to drive my 4ohm Kef Reference 5's. Although these have a reasonably high sensitivity I do play them quite loud and the M700's coped admirably with plenty more to gi... 
Used PS Audio BHK 300 monoblock or (2) new benchmark ahb2 bridged?
@pinwa  I bought my BHK 300s used about a year ago. I upgraded from the M700s which worked quite well with my Kef Reference 5 spkrs. I have to say the upgrade was significant, I was surprised at the smoothness the amps bought to my system. I have... 
@grislybutter - agree totally I've just added 2 Rel S812 Subs to compliment my Kef Ref 5's. My hifi buddy Rod uses 2 subs with his Wilson Sasha Daws and when I asked him to turn them off I was quite surprised at the difference so, I experimented...