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Bought some 14/2 “speaker wire” from Home Depot
This may have already been noted but that Home Depot/Lowes type speaker cable has one side made of aluminum.  That's why its so cheep.   
More power for moderate listening levels?
I have found that a high powered amp, even at low listening levels, provides a sense of dynamics that a low powered amp doesn't have, even with Klipsch Forte speakers.  Just makes sense to me.   
The secret to a great amplifier...
If someone gave me one, being a reasonable person, I would try it.  But I will not buy a $150 fuse.  That's too nutty even for me.   
Are there any tube amps that don't give off any---
Try a hybrid.  Tube front end but solid state power amp.  Small preamp tubes don't produce much heat and I find the combination very pleasing and less expensive.   
Thinking about the good old days...
Audiophile disease is a long journey.  I've been in it for 50 years and I'm always learning something new.  For the first time I tried a tube preamp with a solid state power amp and I really dig it. 
Tweaks you got rid of because they were not effective (enough)?
The only tweeks I use are vibration isolation feet under a heavy amp and diy solid core power cords.  I've tried everything that didn't cost anything but didn't find the difference worth the bother.  I was skeptical about power cords but was amaze... 
Speakers Nominal Power handling/Amplifier
You might find it fun to try a high powered amp, like a Crown class D for only about $330.   You can send it back to Amazon if it does nothing for you.  I have Klipsch Forte speakers which are highly efficient and I really dig a 200 wpc amp compar... 
Is easy to know when a non english speaker is writting?
Yes its easy to identify a non-native speaker unless of course they speak and write perfect English.  I know a woman from Belgium who speaks perfect English with no accent at all.  But she's the only European I've ever known who did not have any a... 
A Couple Little Things I'm Wondering About
I've tried both since it doesn't really cost anything and yes it makes a difference.  Am I doing it now?  No.  Don't really care and not worth the trouble.  I would encourage audiophiles to try some of these tweaks even if they appear to make no s... 
I bought another Class D amp and didn't get what I paid for!
I got the urge to try an old pro amp so bought an Altec-Lansing amp from a guy on CL.  It was a 100 wpc model for 80 bucks.  But when I got it home I realized it was the 200 wpc model.  I thought I didn't want it because it has a fan.  The 100 wpc... 
the sound of massed violins in classical orchestral recordings
The old Telarc CD orchestral recordings always sounded right to me.  Pretty much nothing else.  That shows it can be done.  Most everything else was done with multiple microphones too close to the violins and equalization.    
Game Changing Tweak
Don't knock it till you've tried it.   
A challenge to the "measurement" camp
The Audioholics basically labels true audiophiles as stupid, gullible people.  Yet well known audio companies advertise on their website.  Why would they seek to alienate customers?   
Why Don't More People Into Music Reproduction At Home Play Around With Musical Instruments
I've been playing guitar and 5 string banjo for more than 50 years.  I'm now focusing on classical and flamenco guitar.  That's how I got started but got distracted by rock n roll.  Wish that had not happened because by now I could have been an ac... 
How many people here generally buy used?
Used amps which I then recap and mod myself.  Main amp is an old Altec-Lansing which had a NE5532 as the front end.  Swapped that out for for one of the newest audio op amps.  Total investment - $200 for 200 watts per channel.  This thing has a po...