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Ohm Super Sound Cylinder SSC-4900 initial thoughts kinda review
So, I am the lucky fellow who bought tlm5857's ssc-4900's. A little background: 3 years ago, I had a burst water heater put 6 inches of water in my basement listening room. I saved my equipment and cd's, but the room, to this day, is not habitable... 
New In 2020
I stand corrected. Today, Jan. 8th, is actually what would have been Bowie's 73rd birthday. Hence the announcement of a new release. 
New In 2020
David Bowie- "Changesnowbowie"primarily acoustic BBC recording from 1997 to be released on record store day April 18th (which happens also to be what would have been Bowie's 73rd birthday). 
Intimate Live Acoustic Recordings
Some of my favorites are:Doug MacLeod- "There's a Time" and "Exactly Like This" VERY well recorded.Harry Manx- "Road Ragas" Manx plays an instrument called a moganveta which is a 6 string guitar over a 32 string sitar. He plays a bluesy style and ... 
New In 2020
Bryan Ferry- Live 1974February 8 
The Who (Deluxe)
Nonsense. The fact that they are still producing original music at their age spits in the eye of your premise. I think that they have aged quite gracefully simply by the fact that they recognize their limitations. Roger Daltrey can't hit the high ... 
The best music in 2019
I have gone old school this week. Peter Frampton's "All Blues", and the Who self titled. Both great.  
Another Removal
I had a post removed responding to my favorite punk band songs. Sorry, but the best punks were angry at the world and cussed a lot. 
Favorite punk song.
Sex Pistols- Pretty Vacant 
New in 2019
Here is the latest single from Black Swan Lane called "The Prisoner" 
New in 2019
So, one of the best aspects of the 'Gon is getting turned onto new music. Whether it be old classics you weren't aware of, new genres, or underexposed indie bands, the goal is to expand your knowledge and enjoy the sonic pleasures of listening to ... 
New in 2019
Six LP "Crossroads Revisited" set to be released Dec. 6th. This is a collection from Eric Clapton's Crossroads festival going back to 2004. It features Clapton, Steve Winwood, Joe Walsh, John Mayer, Santana, Buddy Guy, Jeff Beck, and many other gu... 
Peter Murphy recently had a heart attack. I would check on his health before buying tickets. 
New in 2019
Here is a ridiculous one- Pink Floyd- The Later Years16 disc set of Pink Floyd material from 1987 on including 13 hours of unreleased material. 5 cd's, 6 Blu-ray, and 5 DVD's. 60 page book. All this for $450. It looks like the Blu-ray and DVD disc... 
The best music in 2019
Big Big Train's "Grand Tour' is really fine- especially if you like Genesis and Peter Gabriel. Interesting arrangements using horns, strings, synths, and electric guitar. Big Big Train is one of the most original bands out there right now.