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I don't get it...Exile on main Street-Blue
seAsonist, who cannot spell.  
I don't get it...Exile on main Street-Blue
@immatthewj you are my hero!  I love fall, spring makes me sneeze, oh no yep, I'm an admitted sesonist.  
Update from Nordost Heimdall to Frey speaker cable
I'm surprised no one mentioned this yet, but you can get loaners from I have a full loom of Heimdall 2 but found a really good price on some used Frey 2 speaker cables so I snagged them. They sound great, I was replacing my last non No... 
Best investment; cartridge or line stage?
resale of the TZ  
Best investment; cartridge or line stage?
@terry9 yes indeed, I'm not sure crossing the street in heavy traffic is wise 😱. @elliottbnewcombjr So the interest in moving up the Sutherland line comes from a conversation I had with the owner (we both live in KC, go Chiefs) when I bought the ... 
Best investment; cartridge or line stage?
@elliottbnewcombjr you are correct the cartridge is an Rega Ania. So another really great point a couple of you brought up. Cartridges do wear out, other investments not so much. I knew I would get some great input from this crew. Thanks so much!... 
Best investment; cartridge or line stage?
@atmasphere I like the advice. I have to admit that up to this point I have not dived into the details of turntables. (grammar sounds wrong). Replacing tonearms is at least two steps away from my comfort level today. May have to do the work on the... 
Best investment; cartridge or line stage?
@tweak1 Another cartridge vote. Thanks for chiming in. And thanks for the reminder about enhancers, it's been a minute.  
Best investment; cartridge or line stage?
@elliottbnewcombjr @ghdprentice thanks for gleaning my questions' true aim here. I've had a few discussions with dealers and cartridge was the overall suggestion. I like to check in with my people (aka audio heads) before I make these kind of deci... 
Best investment; cartridge or line stage?
@thecarpathian phonostage.. thanks for asking clarifying question. +@lewm  
Furman Upgrade to Niagra
+1 @erik_squires I too have a PF15 elite. It was the best bang for the buck I've ever made. I recently tried the Niagara 1200 and could tell no difference what so ever. I sold it and put my PF15 back in my system. I also use another one for my TV,... 
Do people tire of audio forums?
+1 @dekay as long as there is plenty of mustard  
Who has the Sickness, the Phile or the Non-phile?
Personally I've been listening to music since I was a kid. My first hi-fi system was a transistor radio my parents gave me when I was six. Still makes me smile when I think of listening to Brown Eyed Girl, Red Rubber Ball on that tiny system. My m... 
Chord Qutest——>No difference
I had the same problem when I purchased the Qutest to go with the Blusound. I heard a difference but nothing to get too excited about. UNTIL... I bought a used Audioquest Diamond BNC/RCA cable. Using the BNC connection with a good cable made a big... 
Aurender Users
Patience may be the way to go on this one. My local hifi dealer told me Aurender is going to add Roon ready to their line-up soon. Looks like I will be trading in my AuralicVega2 in the future. The N200 is a great unit. If you love your dac then I...