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Oppo UDP-205 MQA Confusion
I called Oppo last week about another matter with my BDP-105 player. I asked about MQA capability on the new Oppo and was told exactly that, the player only reads MQA on a media file or CD. I understand some MQA CDs may be available and I assume d... 
Which audio component would you like Santa to place under the christmas tree for you?
I’d like the pair of ears I had in my younger years. Great hearing and no more tinnitus! Then I’ll look at upgrading my system. 
Spotify and Tidal playback on new Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus
I use Tidal on my iPad Pro and iPhone. You should be able to use your username and password to start using Tidal from your iPad or iPhone. 
Search by zip code issue
Admin: thanks for the response. I thought it must be a technical glitch. 
how is this possible
The seller has 5 positives with all sales at $1. The purchasers all have 4-5 reviews also. Looks and smells like a scam. 
Best divorce album?
Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks: How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away 
My tinnitus follows me everywhere, listening to my main system and with headphones or earbuds. I unconsciously tune it out so it's not a major issue in music enjoyment. I'm due for a hearing checkup but I have no doubt I've lost some upper and low... 
Ry Cooder recommendation...
Ditto to all the recommendations above and I'll add Paradise and Lunch. The man's a national treasure. 
Seller asked for PayPal fees after the sale. Should I pay them or not?
jea48: I was not pleased with the seller but it being my first transaction on Audiogon and the fact that the seller already had my agreed upon payment I went ahead and paid his ransom(extortion). 
Seller asked for PayPal fees after the sale. Should I pay them or not?
Jea48:I had already paid the agreed price for the item. The seller then required for me to pay the PayPal fee before he shipped the item out. 
Seller asked for PayPal fees after the sale. Should I pay them or not?
This happened to me on my first deal here on Audiogon. I was disappointed at the lack of integrity by the seller but since I had already made payment I paid his ransom payment. The seller's Audiogon account was later discontinued by Audiogon for s... 
czarivey, I'm guessing the dealer meant plugging the amp into the wall electrical outlet but I can't be sure. I've tried plugging mine directly into the wall and you're correct, the amp won't even power up. 
Bill Chinook / Bruce Springsteen
hifiman5:To interpret an honest critique of the country's shortcomings as loathing for the country does a disservice to the ideals we hold as what makes our country unique in this world. I was in the service during the Vietnam War and Born in the ... 
Tell Us about an Album That Took a Long Time to Grow on You
John Cale's Paris 1919 album took a few listens to appreciate what a great album it is. I had his earlier albums and it was quite a departure from  
Most favored hearing aid for audiophiles
Hopefully you'll get some helpful responses beyond turning the volume up or the use of an ear horn. If 1948 was your year of birth I can sympathize with you on age taking a toll on your hearing. I was born in 1949 and have had gradual hearing loss...