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What tonearms are compatible with a Scoutmaster?
VPI sells an armboard for an SME arm. I have an SME IV.Vi on my Aries 3 with a Lyra Skala mounted, very easy to set up and work with. I don't think the 12.7 VPI arm will fit on the Scoutmaster.Mike 
which model vpi sds do I own?
VPI website says 16x3x12 for the SDS size. 
Rollerblocks under turntable ?
With my VPI the drive motor is seperate from the plinth, dosen't that cause problems with the belt drive using Rollerblocks?Mike 
or you're getting tipsy by then. 
Alternative to VPI motor for Aries 3?
The Teres Verus is the alternative I'm thinking about for my Aries 3.http://www.teresaudio.com/verus-motor.htmlMike 
Difference between the VPI Aries 2 & Scoutmaster?
I have a standard Aries 3, I think the 10.5 is the longest arm I can mount or you can mount other arms like a SME.Mike 
Help me fix my cartridge
I think your're going to find you are dealing with either 2.5 or 2.6mm screws, either one is available on the web, if you don't already have them I can point you in a direction.MikeSlack Granted 
Help me fix my cartridge
OK, back to the advertisement free help.An easy out that size might be hard to find, but I did see a 2.5mm drill and tap. You might even have some 2.5mm screws.http://www.hobbylinc.com/htm/dub/dub371.htm 
Help me fix my cartridge
If you read his post he got both screws drilled out but some screw threads remain in one hole, that's a problem. He can tap it but good luck finding a tap that size, that is why I would mount with a screw and nut even if he has to drill to the nex... 
Help me fix my cartridge
Drill it out to the next size if you need to and mount with a bolt and nut.Mike 
Help VPI Scoutmaster anti-skate issue
Using the wire twist method, I lift the arm up and let the wire hang to find the most neutral position, from there add one twist counterclockwise.A clockwise twist would pull the arm toward the spindle.Mike 
VPI Headshell weight question
"I was hoping that this might be a good time to start if I only had to make 1 or 2 adjustments."If you've removed the cartridge and you're adding weight, you'll have to revisit ALL the adjustments. To get it correct, the VPI table and arm take a l... 
VTA adjustment for VPI 10.5 tonearm
Keep in mind when measuring VTA on the 10.5i that the arm tube is tapered, so when you measure by eye using a straight edge, if it looks level it could be slightly raised at the back of the arm. I just set at level or slightly down for a 180 g. re... 
Feickert analogue protractor....Owners impressions
Viper, You can get a blank armboard to cut your own or one cut for SME direct from VPI. Go to inmate picture gallery at Audio Asylum for pictures under BIGBLOCK.Mike 
Feickert analogue protractor....Owners impressions
Stiltskin, I installed an SME arm on the Aries 3 to close that can of worms.