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Upgrading power cable to AQ Niagara 5000?
I have a 5000 and used a Thunder cable for a long time. I recently switched it out with a Hurricane and there is definitely an improvement 
Trying Bel Canto E1X dac
I really like it and ended up selling the Directstream.Both are good but I like the detail and the bigger soundstage of the Bel Canto. Before that I compared the Bircasti M3 to the Directstream and didnt like the M3 as much. The midrange bothered ... 
Focal Sopra 2 vs Sopra 3?
I went from Electra 1038 to Sopra 3. I would say going to the 2 would be a big upgrade. The Sopra is much smoother and more detailed then the Electra. More natural less hi fi sound. The 1038 may go lower then the Sopra 2 depending on room but the ... 
Thoughts on these speaker brands and models
I have the scala Evo and love them but haven't compared them to the others on your list.  
Amps for Focal Maestros
I got the scala evo and had one Primaluna hp amp at the time. The bass was very lacking and sold off the Primaluna pretty quick. Im surprised you didnt like the Naim as that is what Focal uses. Ive never tried NaimI now have the Mark Levinson no53... 
Speaker cable for focal scala utopia
I was using Audioquest Aspen before. the thunderbird is much better then the Aspen. Im also using solid state. The less expensive Audioquest William Tell would be very good as well. New series is more neutral, smoother and better detail then the o... 
Speaker cable for focal scala utopia
I use Audioquest Thunderbird with my Scala EVO. Very smooth. The EVO is smoother then the v1 though. The Magico Q3 is older and Magicos were brighter back then also 
DAC Measurements vs Actual Experience
The psaudio has received many great reviews from pro to regular customers regardless of the measurements. I have one and love it even though I know there's dacs that measure better. I've never heard a Ess based dac that sounded as natural and musi... 
Audioquest Firebird Zero
Ive been using the Thunderbird speaker wire now for a couple of weeks. Big improvement over my old Aspen.  Anyone that has Aspen or Oak and are thinking about upgrading it is worth it.   
Focal Kanta No 2
If $5,600 is the new retail and yes I saw the same ad,then my target purchase price would be $3,000. Too low you say, not in 6-12 months "The Kantas retail is still $10,000. The ones you are seeing on line for less are for discontinued colors. ... 
Audioquest Robin Hood Zero
I have audioquest Aspen. Tuesday my new Thunderbird zero cable comes in. Hoping to hear the same difference people have been saying. Both cables are the same gauge. Will be a good test.  
Audioquest Firebird Zero
I have Thunderbird Zero cables on order. Really looking forward to hear what difference there will be. I'm coming from Audioquest Aspen which are the same gauge. I might try using the Aspen for the bass bi wire until I can get the Zero bass.  
Upgrading from Sopra 3 to Maestro utopia iii what to expect?
I went from Sopra 3 to Scala EVO Utopias. Big upgrade in all areas but mostly in transparency. 
Focal Kanta Sale
Looks like just the discontinued colors. The kanta 2 did have a price drop and retail is $9,000.  
Streamers with I2S connectivity
Cocktail audio has I2s also