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Focal Utopia Scala EVO
HelloI have the Sopra 3 now and have the Scala EVO on order. Im supposed to get them this week. I will let you know once they are broken in. I have not heard the Scalas yet but love the Sopras so Im not worried about the sound. I will be listing m... 
Ticking/popping noises from DAC
Theres a thread on psaudios site. Make sure you have the latest firmware snowmass 3.05. There is also a way to go back to the previous firmware for the bridge. You need to email them and they will send you instructions. There is also a bridge beta... 
Why so many used focals?
Being a obvious troll is horrible. If you don’t like the sound that’s fine but a company that’s been around for over 40 years, designs and manufactures all of the cabinets and drivers in there own factory in France and have plenty of positive revi... 
Technics vs. Focal
Measurements show the focal is not hot at all. Its actually more of a laid back speaker 
Anybody else using AV880x as 2 channel preamp?
I had a 8801 then a 8802 and never liked my dac going through it even in pure direct. Always went dac direct to amp. I now have the av8805 and it is much better as a preamp. I can use it in pure direct and not miss much. Direct to amp still sounds... 
AudioQuest Niagara 1000
It's a great piece that worked so well I upgraded to the 5000. Results are probably very system and power quality dependant.Just a FYI they have a new version coming at the same price. 
Could I be a Retail Wretch?
You write "If there’s no competitive pricing or added value, why should I feel obligated" Don't you think being able to audition and talk to a knowledgable rep is added value. I enjoy being able to go to my local store so I shop there hoping they ... 
Audioquest upper end copper IC's sound ????
Anaconda is from 2003. I never had those but use the current silver Wind. Very good cable. Neutral and clear. Detailed without being bright like a lot of silver cables.  
Do different routers affect sound quality
I hate wall warts. You can buy a router like the Luxul 4500 that doesnt use a wall wart. You can then put a fancy power cable on it if you'd like.  
Mark Levinson pre-amplifiers compared
I was able to sell my 532h fairly easily. The sopras and the 802 are priced similar and both have high end tweeters. Since you are most interested in that part I'll give more detail. The 534 treble is more extended and detailed but not bright. The... 
Mark Levinson pre-amplifiers compared
Yes unlimited power even thought it's rated lower. actually seems like more with the stronger bass. Mine runs warm but not to hot. I have mine out in the open so there's plenty of air. The 532h also ran warm and this isn't much more than that. I t... 
Mark Levinson pre-amplifiers compared
I went from a ml 532h to a 534. Very noticeable difference in sound. I'm using Focal Sopra 3 which go down to 3.1 ohm. The new 534 is a much better amp especially in the bass and treble. Stronger, tighter and more detailed bass and the treble was ... 
KEF Reference 5-Isoacoustics GAIA?
I put the Gaia on my Focal Sopra 3 and they are very much worth the price in my case. 
Anyone tried a Mark Levinson 585 integrated amp with Focal Sopra No. 1s or Sopra No. 2s
Im using Levinson with the Focal Sopra 3s. First I had the 532H and now the 534. They are a great match. My system also includes the PS audio direct Stream dac. Have you compared the dac in the 585 to the PS Audio? 
ascend sierra tower with raal or Focal Aria 936
I also do not believe all internet direct companies pass along the savings. SVS and Emotiva showed that when they switched and pricing stayed the same for a lot of products while adding the standard dealer margin. I like Focal and others that desi...