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DH Labs Prelude Speaker cable
Got it, thanks for the clarification. I have ordered some samples from the Cable Company.  Also will compare to Tara Caprice II and RSX Benchmark cables. Should be interesting.  Definitely not looking for brightness; so I suspect the copper base... 
DH Labs Prelude Speaker cable
Do you mean from a marketing point of view they are not Audioquest/Cardas; or do you mean from a sonic quality point of view? Thanks  
DH Labs Prelude Speaker cable
I meant a store; like in the old days when we went to audio stores to listen to components before we purchased.  
Bricasti MDX upgrade
Yes, I have the board and yes you are correct. I checked with Bricasti. The upgrade is firmware! Easy to do.  Brian thought it would add two more filters and that is about all. They are such a pleasure to deal with  
DAC for second system
Here's another one I stumbled on. Woo Audio wds-1. It go some good press a few years back Anyone with any listening knowledge?  
DAC for second system
My local dealer gave me his Watson Madison ( streamer plus DAC ) to try out in my main system. Very simple design. Very compact , Sounds great; huge soundstage. Has anyone tried one?  
DAC for second system
Has anyone heard the upgraded SE-I version of Border Patrol?  Recent reviews have been very postiive.  
Pontus II + Node 2i - VS - Gold Note DS-10 Plus
I am considering consolidating my DAC and streamer to create some needed space.  Currently using Bricasti M3 and M5 which are nice, but frankly not as nice as my Lector CD player.   Does the Gold Note DAC have tonal density?  I read a review whic... 
Has anyone listened to the T+ A R2000 ? Any comments on its sonic character?    
In search of a touch of darkness
Thanks, these are all helpful suggestions.  
In search of a touch of darkness
Useless.  Don't know what else to say.  Just looking for others experiences with power cords as I have no plans to rebuild my house or electrical system. There are so many ways to address a problem; there is no need for it to become a personal mis... 
Less Loss & Shunyata power cords
I had good results snake River audio.  In fact they compared quite favorably to lessloss  
Has anyone heard new Less Loss C- Mark power cable?
Hi Mart2M; has the  passage of time brought any change to the Power Cord?  
C-Marc power cable
Has anyone compared them to Hijiri power cords  
Lector 603 CD player
Yes, great reviews.  A bit pricey.  I have a dealer willing to sell a Lector at demo pricing.  But no return policy.