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Musical Subwoofer for 2-channel system
A used Rel Strata fits your criteria: very musical, easily blended and low and high inputs. 
Tube Integrated with deep bass
Best Cables/Jumpers for Supertweeters
I use Paul Speltz's anti-cables. He even put in the caps that I requested. First class service and a first class product. 
Soundstage wide and deep but not at all tall. . .
Another solution - at least in my system - was the addition of a supertweeter to Klipsch heresy III's. The height was raised nearly 2 feet. Very satisfying. 
Review: Tube Audio Design TAD-60 Tube amp
PS: the 6L6GC tube is only usable on the 2007 model. 
Review: Tube Audio Design TAD-60 Tube amp
I've been listening to my 60 for about two months now - almost 4 hours daily. I've determined that in my setup using the Chinese 6L6GC's from Paul produce a better mid and upper midrange than the 6CA7's. Can't tell about the lower end since I use ... 
SACD Player Shootout
I believe the Ayre retails for $4950. I have one and can state that it is better than the Accuphase 75v for CD's. It is my first SACD player, so no comparisons; but, it sounds very good. Have fun. 
SET amps with cajones and finesse
I use a Dared VP-845 SET easily driving Thiel 1.6 (90db). I have owned two of these amps and their 20-23 watts produce great finesse (and wonderful music). I can't recommend them strongly enough. (I have no interest in this Chines company).Good luck. 
Which Tube Amp?
Has about 100 watts; easily replaceable tubes made currently; simple bias system that never goes out anyway; good slam; should work well with your speakers; Stereophile class A 
I miss my Tubes
I am in the process of buying my second Dared 845. They turn up here and on Ebay. I love it with the right tubes; the sound is better than my Music Reference RM-200. You'll pay 1000-1500 forone and another 100-200 to upgrade the tubes. Have fun. 
Need help from tube guys to select a tube preamp
I've compared the Eastern to the Dared 2000A, and the latter wins hands down! The Dared usually can be had for about 350. at auctions here or on Ebay or from the dealer. (PS: I have no interest in the company nor any relationship with any principa... 
Audible Illusions Modulus 3A problems
I think the first response is correct. The same thing is true with my M3A, vintage 1998. Dust and dirt get into the attenuators producing noise when changing them. It has no effect on the performance. AI offers two deals: upgrade depending on year... 
higher end cd player
Don't forget to look at Accuphase. A used 75v is around 5000. The only thing that I heard that betters it is the dcs 3 box unit that retails for >25,000. 
Recommendations for tube amp to replace Plinius
Music reference RM-10. This is under your budget as a new amp and just got a rave review in Sensible Sound. I use the RM-200 and love it. 
need help with impedance on SF power 2
The power will not drop, and the amp will work easier set at 4 ohms, thereby prolonging the life of your tubes.