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Why don't higher end amplifiers come with a separate power chassis?
@pedroeb yes pro gear can be used for critical listening not so much with the xti for the fan is loud but can be changed, the xls are nearly silent and I only hear a noise when I put my ear right up to the amp and I can hear the power supply. Keep... 
Subwoofer boom is too much for me...
You can add an equalizer and just turn down all the sliders especially on the higher end and the low end you can lower the sliders to reduce the bass. It works I use an eq and achieve the same results  
Why don't higher end amplifiers come with a separate power chassis?
@perkri i wasn’t talking about studio, that is more on the recording side than the playback side. Live concerts and stuff made for the pros eventually made it into the home.it happened many years ago and people forget easily the past. Also car aud... 
Why don't higher end amplifiers come with a separate power chassis?
I would say to cost and plus designing a psu takes time and effort that people don’t want to use. Also home equipment is a copy from pro equipment and all pro equipment is made to fit in a standard 19 inch rack so since home copies they use very s... 
Do Costly XLR Cables Make A Difference?
Mogami xlr makes the best xlr cables that good studios use, and if you want better make your own using neutrik or switchcraft gold plated xlr connectors. You can make your own cable better than most other companies and I’m not kidding, copper and ... 
System that sounds so real it is easy to mistaken it is not live
Yes, if you go with all pro equipment that is designed to play live and loud sounds good for music and okay for everything else, but for music nothing beats the pro lines of products, have to know what you’re buying because there are also some sca... 
To pricey
In this current climate is better to go with pro speakers and looks for speakers made from wood and not break the bank. Also to build your own speaker is quite easy today and the material is a little expensive but you can make it so much better fo... 
USB cables conducor - help
I use an apple usb c cable from my pc which is a asus rampage v extreme edition 10 with a 6850k and using a Modious dac sounds okay and drives pretty loud   
Need 25 foot interconnects
They sell a Rolls MB15b ProMatch that converts from rca to xlr nicely done.  
Crackling in right channel, what do I do? Help, please.
I had a similar problem with a crown xls 1502 and 2502 a very close to the same noise it ended up being the amp had to be cleaned   
Recommendation on speakers for listening to live music
Cerwin Vega pro line or the xls 215s, peavey and jbl pro lines are all good for live recordings and get some pa subwoofers too I use a Cerwin Vega el-36dp and an cvx-21s   
Cables recommendation
Blue jeans 10 gauge cable is good   
low bass response
If you can increase the bass from the amp or the source instead of a flat curve increase the low frequencies a little higher   
Classical Music for Aficionados
Fra Diavolo: Overture by Auber, Daniel this is a very good track to listen and test a system, the notes and frequencies are all over the place  
Speaker static/hiss?
When no source but equipment is turned on is there still a hiss? I use a pc for my source with an asus essence stx ii 7.1 sound card with crown xls 1502 and 2502 along with an xti 6002 and two cerwin vega subs one being a cvx-21s and an el36dp, my...