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Simaudio's NEW Moon 750D DAC/Transport
Joey - Like you we are eagerly awaiting our floor demos of the new products for our Chicago location. Looks to be a real winner!Best,Tyler 
Speakers in 10-15K price range for Classical music
I am biased, being a dealer, but have you tried Dynaudio?You may be pleasantly surprised by their neutrality, smoothness and dynamics. 
OPPO BDP 83 as Redbook player?
Dynaudio Focus 220 vs. Focus 220 II vs. Focus 140
Your concerns with the 220s have been resolved with the MKII version!! (I am really happy they revised this speaker as it was never my favorite sounding Dynaudio in its MKI form for the same reasons you noted) That being said, the 140s are still p... 
Bass: Dynaudio Confidence C2 vs Contour S5.4
With proper amplification I find it unnecessary to integrate a subwoofer with the C2s. Dyns do not require a lot of power but they do excel with clean, high-current designs. (We just did a setup for a customer utilizing a Naim SuperNait and C2s wi... 
Totem The One or Dynaudio Contour S1.4
I really like the S1.4s with the XS; the combination is a clear winner with excellent synergy. Plus, you can upgrade the power supply on the XS when funds permit. (Note: We are a Naim and Dynaudio dealer) 
And the "Best" Dynaudio monitor is...?
Another vote for the C1 
dynaudio s5.4 vs. c2 in a smaller room
The C2 is easier to integrate into a smaller room. The DDC Technology (Dual tweeters) help greatly with floor/ceiling reflections. That being said, while the C2 may be easier to integrate into a smaller room. it is certainly more revealing so it i... 
Next up... new speakers...
That's exactly what I was thinking; but I am biased being a Dynaudio dealer. Definitely worth a listen...