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I have ordered the Holo Red streamer ($800) to replace the streamer card in my PS Audio DSD Mk I DAC. As streamer costs go, this one is modest, but we'll see what improvement is wrought. Probably connect AQ Vodka ethernet (excellent) from router t... 
Firewall module by Less Loss
I have used the LessLoss Firewalls for Speakers and they provided audible improvements. Neal  
Hybrid Tube Preamp - Loud Pops and Crackles
One colleague (oddiofyl) above suggested re-tensioning tube sockets.   I will follow your suggestions and see what happens. I too am surprised two sets of tubes causing the same noises, so it is unlikey the tubes are the problem. Thank you. Neal  
Hybrid Tube Preamp - Loud Pops and Crackles
Thx, colleagues. I will tool with the tubes and tube sockets and play with the volume control ( a possibility) and the IC cables (RCA and XLR). Beyond my skill to deal with cap or resistor. I am in NYC and hope I may not bother you -- but I might.... 
Ethernet cable recommendations
I have moved from Supra CAT 8 (good) to Wireworld Starlight 8 (better) to now Audioquest Vodka (best of the 3). Each step was an audible improvement, with the AQ Vodka a significant increase in quality from the Wireworld Starlight 8, which was ver... 
Sonore Rendu or similar
thyname, It was a sincere thank you, no churlishness at all. I mean it.   And thank you, too, yyz. A bit more complicated I am now ready to venture. Neal  
Sonore Rendu or similar
Telling me a lot I don't know about a topic I never thought about. Thank you.  
Streaming Spotify vs Tidal
I have been using Tidal on my iPhone, laptop, and streamer via the Big Rig. Easy to use, enormous inventory; interesting playlists and artist proposed playlists; and you can download onto your iPhone and take it with you. I think Tidal is the cat'... 
Best DACs under $7,000.00
Should I be convinced that the PS Audio DSD DAC (with latest software) and Network Bridge II is out there which notably superior to what I own? With an AQ Vodka Ethernet cable, it is all dead silent and audibly serendipitous. Am I to upgrade a DAC... 
I went from Supra (Cat 8) to Wireworld Starlight 8 to Audioquest Vodka (Cat 7). Each step was an audible improvement, especially the move up to the Vodka, better than the two prior Cat 8's, FWIW the Cat level between 7 and 8 seems to be irrelevant... 
Audience AU24 sx vs Audioquest Hurricane Power Cable
Have not heard the AU24 power cord but I use the AQ Hurricane and is an excellent PC and value-priced, relatively speaking. Neal  
Audioquest Vodka vs Wireworld Starlight 8 (Not Platinum) Ethernet
IMHO, the more I listen to my AQ Vodka Ethernet cable, I am convinced it is markedly superior to the WW Starlight CAT8, which at its price is a great value. The Vodka is more full-bodied and balanced, with dead background silence. At some point, I... 
Audioquest Vodka vs Wireworld Starlight 8 (Not Platinum) Ethernet
And how is FMC better than ethernet cable?    
Audioquest Vodka vs Wireworld Starlight 8 (Not Platinum) Ethernet
What are FMC points?    
Heard the Margo Timmons solo release?
Margo is on Tidal as well. Haunting and scintillating. Excellent sound quality. Neal