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Wanting to upgrade my streaming sound quality.
The Rose products look to be what are essentially Android devices. Like an Android Phone/Tablet. It uses Android OS with its own touch screen, coupled with streaming software built atop its network stack and an onboard DAC. Presumably running stoc... 
Wanting to upgrade my streaming sound quality.
I’ve had a Lumin T2 for two years, and have zero complaints. I’m contemplating upgrading to the X1. The Lumin app is solid, if a bit basic. The T2 does support Tidal Connect, which lets you use Tidal’s iOS app directly, which is a much better use... 
Wanting to upgrade my streaming sound quality.
A Lumin D2 will get you what you want, within your budget with a little left over for a legitimate CAT6 cable. 1 box, balanced out. Tidal, Qobuz, Roon support. A T2 if you want to reach a little further.  
Is there a solid fuse-like item that I can use in place of a fuse, to bypass it?
Can't fix stupid.  
Protecting Equipment from Children
On the other hand, the Pay Doh was revelatory, as if a veil had been lifted, and I now recommend it to everyone as a tweak @mahler123 That is, funny. Maybe I didn’t give the peanut butter in the loading tray enough of a chance... Seriously, I... 
Improving Comcast modem signal
That (pictured above) is exactly what was installed when I started my xfinity/comcast service a couple months ago. I mis-remembered that it had an internal power supply. My mistake.  
Improving Comcast modem signal
I recently went through an install of xfinity/comcast. They provided the xFi modem/router. It worked fine, but had a few drawbacks. First, $14 a month ($168 a year). Second, it’s WIFI coverage wasn’t very good. Third, their firmware does not let ... 
McIntosh -- good for show, not for sound, says dealer
McIntosh has arguably the best brand in Audio. Decades of quality products (a few turds), great service, and a unique style. Is it state of the art? No, but that's not what they're trying to do. You can argue that you don't like the sound of McIn... 
starting equiment that ic cold from being shipped
I received my Pass mono-blocks on a day when it was -15F. They had been riding around in the back of a truck all day. I took them out of their crates to inspect them and frost immediately formed on the aluminum faceplates. The humidity in my home ... 
Wireless vs. Ethernet for Streaming
If your device supports WIFI, I don't know that it would be any better. Some devices don't support WIFI (Lumin streamers, for example). I suppose it's also possible that a WIFI extender might have a better receiver than a particular device, maki... 
Wireless vs. Ethernet for Streaming
TP Link Wireless Extender. $69  
How many systems do you have?
Listen to 1 primarily, but 2 others occasionally (HT, garage). Have the gear for another 2. Need. To. Sell.  
Wireless vs. Ethernet for Streaming
There is nothing inherently wrong with good dependable WIFI wrt to streaming. As long as the bits get there fast enough, it doesn’t matter. Good dependable WIFI can be more than fast enough to handle streaming 4K video. Due to the logistics of my... 
The most import design issue for a speaker manufacter how many will fit on a pallet.
I personally think the design (size) is more influenced by trying to achieve domestic tranquility ("you're not going to put a big ugly box in my living room"). They used to call it the WAF before we all became sensitive caring life partners.  
Best Bang for the Buck Upgrade
Step 1 - 2 Subwoofers. Properly integrated, subs will improve any system. I would suggest the REL T series. Use the high level inputs from your amp for easy integration. Will leave you plenty of money left over for Step 2, a new DAC/Streamer.