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A very good ENGINEERING explanation of why analog can not be as good as digital..
What a yawn fest. Get a life. I couldn't care less if you prefer digital. Good for you. Next topic... 
In search for speakers of "natural" sound
Audio Note AN/E, in my experience are the most effortlessly natural sounding speakers, but you need to pair them with a SET amp and ideally an all AN system. 
This is juvenile...
Hope Sandoval 
Has anyone heard the Miyajima 'Snakewood' cartridge,
@dr-johnWhat are your impressions, now you've had some time to evaluate the cartridge? 
Help... my turntable is alive!
@koestner Just a thought, but have you checked whether the records on which you hear this noise are properly centred? I believe that the cause of your noise could be the eccentric motion of the arm as it navigates an off-centre record. 
Warm, lush and dark ... Dac up to 1.2K
The cheapest Lampizator dac (Amber) starts at about 1200 euro and they have the sound I think you're after. Audio Note UK (not AN kits) also make excellent "analogue-sounding" dacs but, I think, not in your price range. However, you could probably... 
Duelund DCA16GA
@grannyring thanks for that info. 
Duelund DCA16GA
I'd like to give the WE10 a go but I gather there's a lot of fake stuff around. How can we be sure we are being sold the genuine wire? 
Coherent Speakers from Canada
@rwanda what are your impressions now you've presumably had them for a while? 
coupling or decoupling of vinyl to/ from platter
@tbg I'll bet "the laboratory" was dusty with your wife weaving in it. My wife is into textile crafts too and the dust created is phenomenal and not a great mix with vinyl records. 
coupling or decoupling of vinyl to/ from platter
@tbg Would you mind elaborating on the differences you hear between the Final Audio and the Jean Nantais turntables? Cheers. 
My personal experience with Direct Drive versus Belt Drive
Based on my own listening over four decades, I broadly agree with your assessment. I have always thought that direct drive turntables sound more clinical than belt drive ones, more digital-like. Belt drives tend more to the "romantic" and have sof... 
Coherent Speakers from Canada
@rwanda please do let us know how they go. Don't leave us hanging, as so often happens with these threads... 
What turntable and TONEARM brands sound best with the Denon DL103 and DL 103R? MC's
The first question, as usual, is what is your budget? These low compliance carts require a high mass tonearm for best results. An idler-drive table, 12" heavy arm and DL-103 is the very definition of synergy. 
Is there somewhere I can check vinyl sound quality?
I see a lot of recommendations for Japanese vinyl. I would qualify these to the effect that yes, the vinyl formulation used and the pressing quality are both top notch, but often they are mastered way too bright. There are exceptions and some soun...