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Help - New to streaming and Zen Innuos
Go to innuos.com. There is a lot of info there, but their server response is slow. The innuos 2.0 firmware is delayed to Aug 2 for the mini mk ii.I don't follow why you would need a Naim streamer in addition to that of the Innuos, and suspect that... 
Innuos Zenith MK3
The 2.0 upgrade for mk iii Zen and above seems to be available now, but probably will not show for you on my.innuos.com until you do the 1.4.9 update. Note you will also have to install Innuos Sense on your phone to control playback when you do th... 
Has anyone used the new Innuos 2.0 Sense music app? Compared it to Roon?
I won't be able to upgrade to Innuos 2.0 until the end of the month on my Zen Mk ii which I only use as a server. I have been using Orangesqueeze on my Android phone to control playback. If you will, please explain how the offline mode works and h... 
Innuos Zenith MK3
I would advise to go to innuos.com and read the info on updates, and ask Innuos for your situation. I would expect you would need to update to 1.4.9, and rescan your library to avoid any problems with the 2.0 update.I have had problems with some u... 
Innuos Zenith MK3
I had communication problems with Innuos Zen and Zenmini with my Ayre Codex DAC, including this one. Resolved by using a USB hub to help with I guess galvanic isolation. Just send a note to Innuos support and they will get back to you.Also you may... 
Difference between ESS Sabre Burr Brown Wolfson DACs
I would advise to look up one of the recent "Pints with Ayre" in which they discuss with one of the Sabre chip developers in depth; but only if you are interested in listening to people who might know what they are talking about. 
The best $99 system upgrade ever!
Very neat! I watched the attached video and am wondering if it could also be used to inspect and photograph a stylus? 
Innuos 1.4.9 update available and 2.0 new info
Repair to update just finished and going again. Took about 20'. 
Innuos 1.4.9 update available and 2.0 new info
Update was OK on the Zen Mini mk ii, took only a couple of minutes, but on my Zen mk ii it had not updated in 30 mn and I mistakenly closed the update instead on minimizing it to send a note to Innuos and then could not find it on my.innuos. Sent ... 
Innuos Zen Mini Mk II with an Ayre Codex
Crap!  Adding another cable and another box is not supposed to improve transparency. I seem to hear music leap out of a "blacker" background and better imaging. The things we (I) don't understand! Thanks to @antigrunge2 for insisting. 
Innuos Zen Mini Mk II with an Ayre Codex
@antigrunge2Silly me, I just inserted the Intona before the hub, and it links.So tomorrow I will compare how it sounds. (I also tried the hub before the Isolator and it does not link.) 
Innuos Zen Mini Mk II with an Ayre Codex
I inserted the Intona instead of the USB hub. I can't imagine why one would want to use both. 
Innuos Zen Mini Mk II with an Ayre Codex
@antigrunge2 I have continued to successfully use a USB hub, but didn't forget your suggestion and found a used Intona Isolator to try between my Innuos Zen mk II and the Ayre Codex. Unfortunately it does not work at all and I cannot get a lock wi... 
How much reality do you really need?
I like it, I love it, I want some more of it. 
Does the 1.5m 75ohm rule apply to 110ohm?
IMHO the digital reflection on SPDIF cables is primarily due to the impedance mismatch when using RCA connectors. If using 75 ohm bnc connectors this "reflection" should be very minimal and length should not be much of an effect. Length should als...