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Innuos Zen Mini Mk II with an Ayre Codex
Updating this thread...I did get the Innuos Zen mimi mk2 to work with the Ayre Codex. After the Innuos 1.4.6 firmware update the USB connection appeared to be less touchy and all cables worked through the USB 2.0 jack.I sent the Codex back to Ayre... 
Capacitance change in balanced connection?
You might want to check to see if the balanced cable is wired as "star quad". I did return a  balanced phono cable which was wired parallel because it was easier for the technician to do to the din plug. The owner of the company assured me this wo... 
Takedown of pricey servers, streamers OCD HiFi guy
Nothing surprising in this video for me. I did, on the same link, look at his video on I2S and external clocks, which made sense to me also, especially if you have a DAC with an asychronous input. 
Should I explore balanced cables to connect my amp to dac?
Your best resource is the Ayre owners manual. You can also search for "pints with Ayre" to listen why Ayre does balanced electronics. +1 on advice from mike-in-nc. (I cannot find Cambridge Audio NX.) 
Differential Balanced Sound Quality
For those of you who might be technically less adroit, I suggest to search for "pints with Ayre" and listen to why balanced is one of their design constructs (along with "no op-amps", zero feedback, etc). 
Innuos - New Player App
Another intermediate update 1.4.7 is now available. Google Innuos update 1.4.7 for instructions. It appears mainly to treat some Tidal problems. 
Question on Soundsmith carts
The Soundsmith MK ii models with the DEMS alumina mounting rods and a non-"boxy" body are supposed the have lower internal resonances.If you have a tonearm with does not permit azimuth adjustment, using the middle alumina rod allows some adjustmen... 
Differential Balanced Sound Quality
Here is a quote from the late Charlie Hansen in The Stereophile, talking about their Ayre Codex, their cheapest electronic component having a linear power supply: "remember that every circuit is a modulated power supply....When you run balanced, i... 
Ayre Codex and Output Transformer
You should contact Ayre before you try that. I believe the manual specifically says not to. At any rate you don't get the benefit of balanced connections if everything is not balanced. 
Upgraded cords for linear power supplies?
Not exactly. The definition of an LPS is correct.  A higher current capacity transformer has a chance to provide better speed stability to a TT. I'm not sure why you think it has any caps at all, or what purpose they would have in an AC supply, an... 
Living with unsolvable hum - Any audio detectives out there?
I had this same problem years ago with a BAT VK30. I tried everything in your list, Drove me crazy. I called the BATmeister who replied "my preamps don't hum", and hung up. I even bought a PS Audio Humbuster which changed nothing.So I left it with... 
Upgraded cords for linear power supplies?
Very simple. If it is specified to have an AC output it is by definition, not a linear power supply (which would imply a DC output).Second, in the description Swagman says it is a toroidal transformer with some EMI filtering. Unfortunately they pu... 
Living with unsolvable hum - Any audio detectives out there?
You're looking under the wrong rock:It is not an electrical hum problem, it is mechanical and coming from your preamp power supply. The S:N test of your preamp found no problem. You hear it next to  your rack. Use an old mechanic's (weight doesn't... 
Upgraded cords for linear power supplies?
I'm sorry to bring this up again, but if the spec of your power supply is an AC output, it is NOT a linear power supply, even it the (Swagman) box it is in is labeled as such. 
Who makes the best turntable belt?
If you know your exact dimensions, go to turntablebasics.com. Don't worry about the low prices.