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any good concerts coming up where you live?
thanks 4yanx, i live in miami but i'm looking to get away for couple of days.i'll take a look in ticketmaster like you said and see what's going on. 
which audio rack?
thanks guys, very interesting stuff. 
john coltrane digital??????
thanks guys 
unusual trio?
wow,thanks guys. 
I need more Funk
how about Maceo Parker "life on planet groove", andremember to pass the peas, pass the peas!!!!! 
Name three of yours the most favourite drummers
joey baron(again)idris muhammad(new orleans drumming)tom rainey(very underrated imho) 
rega planet 2000 & audio refinement amp?
thanks horton, anybody else have any other ideas? 
which monitor for audio refinement int. amp?
thanks guys for the input.what have you guys heard about the green mountain europas, it has been recomended a few times by some other people and how about meadowlark swift?thanks in advance 
Recommended CD of Cuban music
i would recomend two recordings made in the seventies in new york to promote latin percussion instruments by carlos"patato"valdez and a percussion ensemble where they play good rumba and every song was improvised on the spot.